Inspirational Experiences Await in Algoma Country

From the Group of Seven landscapes to our famous Wawa Goose, there is so much waiting for you in Algoma Country

The staff of Algoma Country Tourism wanted to share our favourite experiences waiting for you in the Algoma region. With rugged landscapes that make perfect road trip material, to amazing fishing and paddling adventures, there is something here in Algoma that will appeal to everyone. Check out our top things to do here.

The Fishing


If you're sitting at home dreaming about catching a trophy, this is the place for you. Our motto for the region is “that big,” and for good reason. Algoma is home to many unique fishing experiences. The diverse species as well as different ways to travel to your lodge of choice. From smallmouth bass to northern pike and walleye, the region has something for every angler. Additionally, there are drive-in, train-in, and fly-in fishing lodges that provide top-notch service and memorable experiences.


Local outdoor writer James Smedley has explored and fished the Algoma region for many years. He explains why one of his best memories is family fishing at a remote lodge. As you sit and plan your next adventure, be sure to think of the fishing opportunities available in the North.

The Roads


The twists and turns of the open road here in Algoma are appealing to both motorcycle enthusiasts and road trippers alike. Experience the rugged landscapes alongside Lake Huron on Hwy 17 before taking in the beauty of the deep waters and dramatic shorelines along Lake Superior. Finally, explore the heart of the region and its historic towns along the infamous Hwy 129. There are many attractions that can be visited along the way such as the famous Wawa Goose, Potholes Provincial Nature Reserve, Chippewa Falls, and the Loon Dollar Monument to name a few. Remember to stop at scenic spots like the Edmund Fitzgerald Lake Superior Lookout, where a quick hike through white and jack pine forests, balsam fir, and sugar maples leads to a spectacular view of the lake. Visitors can breathe easier here for a reason. 


Photographer and writer Virgil Knapp describes 9 reasons why you should plan a motorcycle vacation to Algoma. There’s nothing better than looking forward to hitting the open road. 

The Outdoors


The natural terrain of Algoma has outdoor enthusiasts coming back each year to experience a different part of the region. From paddling to hiking to biking, the lakes and trails provide the perfect backdrop to enjoy any outdoor activity. Guided canoeing and kayaking are available through specialized outfitters. Mississagi Provincial Park, known for its bald eagles, is always a popular destination while the acres of sandy beachfront at Batchawana Bay attract visitors looking to relax. The wilderness and outdoors are a big part of what makes Algoma Country a must-visit for a future vacation.


Reflecting on some experiences by outdoor writer Conor Mihell he describes why he dubbed Algoma “Ontario’s secret paddling paradise”.

The Landscapes


Over 100 years ago, the Group of Seven were inspired by the Algoma region, capturing its incredible landscapes and the sheer vastness of the area in their world-famous paintings. As a commemoration to the group, there are 21 interpretive panels placed at points of interest across the region. These panels highlight the artist that painted nearby. Whether you’re an art enthusiast or just enjoy the Group of Seven paintings, this should be added to your bucket trip list. There's a also Group of Seven route map, app, and new signage that highlights the route, the panels, and things to do


These are just a few things that make Algoma a destination worth visiting. We look forward to seeing you soon! 

About Rob LaRue

I'm a staff writer for Algoma Country and enjoy the great outdoors Algoma has to offer. Our beautiful region has everything you need for a true outdoor adventure: fishing and hunting, epic touring routes and breathtaking outdoors.

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