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On the Trails in Algoma

A place where you feel like you have all the snowmobile trails to yourself

Algoma Country takes in the north shore of Lake Huron right over to Superior where it meets with Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario. As a snowmobiling destination, it's just a few hours from anywhere yet a world away from everywhere. Wide, sweeping trails are beautifully groomed and routed to all the services a sledder needs. The granite outcrops of the Canadian Shield and vast white pine forests are sprinkled with deep valleys, lakes and river crossings.

The powder is deep, and the trails are wide and groomed.(Photo credit: Howard J. Elmer)

Twisting and turning trails make elevation changes of up to 1,000 feet -- which keeps the ride challenging. Yet, even with all its natural beauty and great trails, the whole area is only lightly used.

(Photo credit: Howard J. Elmer)

On our ride to Elliot Lake, on a sunny Saturday, we passed just a dozen other sleds all day long. We rode over 150 miles and felt like we had all of Algoma to ourselves. Once arrived, it was hard to leave.

A full breakfast before setting out is essential; and easy to take when its hostess Sharon's homemade French toast and sausage at Lake Lauzon Resort. (Photo credit: Howard J. Elmer)
(Photo credit: Howard J. Elmer)

Sunshine, fresh snow in the trees, fast-groomed trails -- we found it all in Algoma Country.

About Howard J. Elmer

Howard J Elmer is a freelance automotive journalist based in Brampton, Ontario. He writes for, SUN media and is the truck expert on TSN's Motoring Television.

Stephen Elmer is an editor and videographer for Vertical Scope and

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