12 Times TikTok Was So Northern Ontario

From moose calls to raccoon kisses, here’s how Northern Ontario is trending.

TikTokkers like @projectnorthernescape, @readbetweenthepines and @tornhole are sharing the quirks and joys of Northern Ontario living with the world, and with millions of combined views, it’s clear that folks are here for it.

1. Entourage: Northern ON edition

Caution: if you’re reading this from Toronto, I don’t recommend you try that ending with your local raccoons.

2. The grocery pilgrimage

Check that list 10 million times before you leave!

3. Cooking tips & techniques

What’s more #NorthernOntario than a maple sugar-making tutorial? One with power tools, of course.

4. Canadians at their finest

I honestly can’t say if this moose is giving or receiving the police escort, but either way, it’s a boss.

@melissabouchard1980 tell me you live in Canada, without telling me you live in Canada. I’ll go first. #northernontario #moose #policeescort #onlyincanada original sound - Melissa Bouchard

5. #DumpLife

Somebody please set up a live-stream so I can watch this bear-dog friendship play out.

6. Even the cats know life is better on the water

This cat living her best #boatlife is a beautiful reminder to get out of our comfort zones.

@givergivergoulaisriver She didn’t want off the boat so we took her with us. Questioned her life choices then had no regrets. #catsoftiktok #boatinglife #rivercat

7. Who really runs the show.

Carry yourself with the confidence of these moose nonchalantly holding up a train.

@chase_allen6 Can you ask for a better sight at work? Look at the size of the third guy! #fyp #northernontario #rut #bigboy #moose #godscountry God's Country (Acoustic) - Blake Shelton

8. Pickup truck life

But have you ever tested your truck’s pulling power like this before?

9. It doubles as a party trick

Her moose call brings all the bulls to the yard.

10. Boom, Buddy!

There’s a fish for everyone.

11. Want thrills?  

Channeling this bad-ass-mom-on-a-PWC-in-a-skirt energy for the rest of my 2022.

@givergivergoulaisriver I don’t drive the boat and I refuse to learn sorry hun. #lakesuperior #summersover ♬ Whistle stop and move by wuki - wüki

12. Slice of Heaven

When “Bucket-list Travel Queen” Kimmie Davies, who has been to Hawaii, Spain, and Saint Lucia, is telling her followers to visit Northern Ontario, you know it really is paradise.

Feeling inspired to plan for your own moose viewing, fishing trip, or PWC adventure? Get The Summer 2022 Let's-Go-Now! Guide and “Boom, buddy,” you’re on your way!

About Celeste Percy-Beauregard

Celeste Percy-Beauregard is an Ontario-based writer who discovered just how large our province is when she travelled across it in a cube truck performing children’s theatre and eating all of the poutines along the way.

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