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Wakesports Are All The Rave this Summer in Ontario

Have you ever wanted to try an Alley Oop 180 or a Hoochie Glide… or how about a Heelside Backroll? If the answer is yes, now you can… right here in Ontario. The newest rave in water sports includes wakeboarding, wakesurfing and wakeskating. Although they all sound similar, they are slightly different from one another.

As an offshoot to boarding sports such as skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing, wakeboarding began in the 1980s, when surfers were being pulled behind a boat by a rope. Now one of the fastest-growing watersports in the world, wakeboarding appeals to a variety of ages. Not only is it a sport that is easy to get started into, but it also offers a challenge to those that are more experienced. Wakeskating and wakesurfing were invented from wakeboarding. They are a little more daring, but once you have tried one of these watersports, you will want to try them all. 


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Wakeboarding Lesson!

Wakeboarding involves riding a wakeboard over the surface of a body of water. It combines the sports of water skiing, snowboarding and surfing. The wakeboarder is towed behind a vessel or cable system of sorts.


Wakeskating is an adaptation of wakeboarding where the rider is not bound to the board. This gives the sport a unique challenge. The top surface of the board is covered with a soft high-traction that allows riders to ride barefoot or with footwear.


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Wakesurfing in Muskoka

Although somewhat similar to wakeboarding, wakesurfing involves the surfer trailing behind a wakeboard boat, surfing the boat’s wake without being towed. A tow rope is used to get the surfer up on the wave, but then the rope is dropped allowing the surfer to enjoy the wake from the boat that mimics the look and feel of an actual ocean wave.

Wave Training: How to Get Started

As I am always looking for new adventures, I have been researching places in Ontario where I could try these exciting water sports this summer.  To my surprise, there are many marine operations that offer courses and camps for interested riders of all levels.

If you too are curious to try wakeboarding, wakesurfing or wakeskating, stay tuned as I will be posting an article on the Top Wakeboard Schools in Ontario shortly.

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