The 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for PWC Enthusiasts

9 amazing gift ideas for your PWC lover

With our PWCs now put away for the winter, many PWC enthusiasts are already looking forward to the start of the next season. How will you help them get through the winter? Maybe a PWC-related gift for under the tree this holiday season.

I’ve got a few ideas to share with you ranging from inexpensive stocking stuffers to some bigger add-ons for their PWC.

Dreaming of spring // photo credit: Marion Knaus

1. Riding Gear

Who doesn’t like to coordinate their riding gear with their machines? Seadoo, Yamaha and Kawasaki offer branded riding gear such as PFDs, gloves, wetsuits and more. Lots to choose from at many price points. Branded riding gloves and glasses make great stocking stuffers, and a new wetsuit would be fun to unwrap Christmas morning. You can shop online or head to your local dealer. 

Lots to choose from in the aftermarket as well. SeaSpecsJetTribe, and JetPilot are among the brands that many riders choose for their cool gear.

2. a camera to Capture that Ride

The ability to share our adventures with others online and at home means we might need a brand new action camera. GoPro and Insta360 X3 cameras are the go to for many riders who love to share where their adventures take them. Just imagine the excitement on your rider's face when they unwrap a new camera for their PWC.

3. a GPS: Never Get Lost

At the higher end of the price range, a large screen and easy to read GPS unit is becoming the ‘must have’ for riders that like to roam and travel longer distances. A 7 inch screen is the choice of many with some opting for an even larger display. Garmin has a good selection of GPS units available. Some of the newer watercraft come with GPS mounting options. If available a mount for your specific year and model makes installing to the PWC straightforward. Or you can order mounts from RAM Mounts to add on to your PWC.

4. a way to Keep That Noggin Safe

With so many of us modifying our PWCs to go even faster, what better way to say I love you than gifting them a helmet. Most PWC riders choose a Motocross helmet to wear on their PWC. If you don’t know their size or color choice you can give a gift certificate to one of the stores like Royal Distributing so they can pick out what works for them. And you can add on the CardoSystems PackTalk Bold helmet radio kit to complete it. 

5. give the gift of gab: You Can Chat While Zipping Along

Getting tired of hand signals? Or shouting and still not hearing what was said? Voice Radio Communication Systems are really nice to have on group rides. The ability to let other riders easily know of dangers ahead, interesting sights, or an upcoming turn makes the ride not only more pleasant but also safer. Enter the CardoSystems PackTalk Bold DMC headset and helmet kits. Not only does it make voice communication easy, you can also listen to your favorite tunes, radio station and even phone calls. All hands-free and voice-activated. Imagine taking a phone call while zipping along on your favorite lake. 

6. PWC Maintenance: at your service

It goes without saying that it’s a good idea to have your PWC looked over in the spring before hitting the water. Or getting an oil change if it’s due mid season. Wouldn’t it be great to get a PWC service or go faster add-on as a gift? JetX Powersports in Woodbridge offers gift certificates in various denominations for their PWC services. It lets your PWC rider choose the gift that suits their needs the best. 

7. PWC Add-Ons: An amazing rack

Thinking about what you might need for a full day out on the water? Need to carry extra gas? A cooler full of food? Or do you love to fish from your PWC? Many accessories are available from your brand dealer and aftermarket manufacturers for your modern PWC. Need a rack to carry things on the back of your machine? Check out The Amazing Rack which is a Canadian product.

Amazing Rack // photo credit: The Amazing Rack

And don’t forget ropes, docking lines and PWC fenders, along with other tools for a safe day out on the PWC.

8. It’s a Wrap: custom art

There’s nothing better than personalizing your ride. Get a custom wrap done from one of your local shops. Design something unique to you and your machine will always stand out in a crowd. Places like C17 Media wrap vehicles including PWC with a clear protective wrap or your choice of color or design. And don’t forget you can have custom bow registration numbers made to coordinate and contrast with your PWC colors. A gift certificate from a business like this one is sure to put a huge smile on your PWC riders’ face. 

photo credits: Kal Gurm

Perhaps a stylin’ new seat cover is of interest. Design your own or use a pre-existing design from JetTrim, Black Tip, or HydroTurf. These companies all offer seat covers for PWCs in many color and texture combinations. Who wouldn’t want a custom-made seat cover as a gift?

9. And Something Just for Fun

After going through this list, does your PWC rider already have everything they ever wanted for their machine? How about a personalized PWC Christmas ornament, key fob or another fun handmade item? Or a T-shirt or jacket with their PWC brand of choice? 

Do you have lots of pics of them with their PWC? Use Canva to design a giant photo poster print collage for them to remind them of all the great times they’ve had on the water on their PWC with many more memories ready to be made. This author had the pleasure of being gifted one of these last year and I absolutely love it. 

There are a lot of great gift ideas for the PWC enthusiast in your life. So many great ideas to choose from. Heck, maybe you’ll even gift yourself one or more of these great gifts.

Wishing you all a happy and safe holiday season and all the best for the New Year.  

About Marion Knaus

Marion Knaus is a Certified Fitness and Nutrition Coach and the owner of who spends as much of her free time on the water as she can. Riding her Waverunner on any water body is her happy place. She is an admin with the Ontario PWC Riders Facebook group and gladly shares her PWC knowledge with anyone willing to lend an ear. 

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