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Jenna McKeown visits Limberlost Lodge in Ontario's Algoma Country

Ever since I was a young girl, fishing has been an important way for my father and I to spend quality time together. Using a worm and a bobber, we spent many happy weekends together catching many species on our local rivers. My favourite species to catch? Smallmouth bass! They jumped and pulled so hard, no matter the size, and we both loved catching them.

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Now, as a young adult, it’s not often that we get the chance to go fishing together. But when we do, we want it to be the best fishing possible—especially for smallmouth bass. Over the years, we have discovered one of the top locations to catch big smallmouth bass is Algoma Country in Northern Ontario. Specifically, Limberlost Lodge is a fantastic family getaway.

It has a convenient drive-to location, clean and comfortable cabins, and of course, Limberlost Lodge is surrounded by literally dozens of public access lakes and rivers to fish. They have boats available with all their rental cottages to fish their main lake, or you can bring your own boat to explore the region and its trophy smallmouth bass fishery. The lake is also fantastic for swimming, canoeing, and other water sports. This is the perfect combination for families or friends—which is why it is ideal for my father and me.

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We’ve learned that early spring usually meant we had to cast streamers and crayfish patterns to target the smallmouth. Smelt are abundant in the region, and any patterns that are 3-5 inches in length that resemble this food source produce exceptionally well. By June and throughout the summer, top-water fishing is at its best. Poppers in yellow, green, and black are exceptionally effective, especially in late afternoon and evening.

By mid-September, with cooling days and nights, the smallmouth become ravenous as water temperatures begin to drop. They know winter is not far away and they begin to really chow down, trying to fatten up. Again, streamer patterns that simulate smelt, perch, or baitfish are deadly. You will generally need sink-tip or intermediate lines to get your fly patterns down in the water column to where the bass are hunting.


Smallmouth Mouth with Fly

My time with my father is precious, and we want great fishing but on a reasonable budget. Coming to fish in Algoma Country and staying in a wonderful cabin at Limberlost Lodge ensures we make the most of our time together. Whether you want a trip with some fishing friends or family, coming to this region to catch trophy-sized smallmouth bass from May through October will ensure you have a wonderful experience. Check Limberlost Lodge out online either through their website or Facebook page so you can start planning your next fishing adventure!

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Limberlost Lodge
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About Jenna McKeown

Jenna McKeown has loved fishing since she was a young girl. Now as a young adult attending university, she has learned the basics of fly fishing. Like all good anglers, she welcomes instruction and education on all aspects of fly fishing and fish. She hopes to inspire other young girls and women to learn more about fly fishing and the great outdoors. Currently Jenna is attending university to become a teacher focused on one day instructing primary grade students in French. Jenna is a passionate singer, songwriter and guitarist. She produces much of the music used in The New Fly Fisher.

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