My First #OntarioSnowTrails Ride of the Season—Video

During the week of January 5th to 9th we were blessed with widespread snowfall, extreme cold and dozens of pictures and status updates from local clubs who were working hard to get things ready, by the end of the week the vast web of trails that forms Ontario’s 32,000km sledding network was starting to change from red to thrilling yellow and heavenly green. It was easy to see that it wouldn’t be long before communities were connected and the riding was seemingly endless.  

My First Ride of 2015 on Sunday January 4th – Bonfield, Ontario

This past weekend many of us headed out for our first ‘official’ rides of the 2015 season! I know and you know that it didn’t matter if you trailered to Cochrane or rode in Mattawa-Bonfield, explored Kearney, adventured in Haliburtonwent for rip in Midland, cruised in Cornwall or made tracks in Markdale; that first trail ride always puts a big smile on your face! 

Over the past few months here on Northern Ontario Travel I’ve provided you with a few articles that should be used this season. I’ve compiled a list to make it easy for you to source these articles just in case you missed on or two! 

We know we're going to experience snowstorms, polar vortexes, santa bombs and squalls this winter so use this article to track where the best fresh stuff will be. 

Third is advice for our friends from south of the border, come on up we would love to see you on the trails this winter!

I’d love to hear what your favourite trail side destinations are as well! #OntarioSnowTrails and let me know. 

I want to see those GoPro video’s this winter! Subscribe to me on Youtube at Lucrestyle Productions

I called it back in August! I said it was going to be a great season now you need to hold me to that!

On Saturday January 10th, I joined my local club the Mattawa & Area Snowmobile Club to lend a hand working on the TOP A trail. A small team of volunteers worked hard to clear recently fallen trees, fill washouts and fix signage. During our work day we met upwards of 70 snowmobiles out enjoying the limited trails. 

Saturday January 10th – TOP A Mattawa 

Not only do I want to see videos and photos of your first rides—share by using #OntarioSnowTrails—I’d like each one of you to take a moment and connect with your local club (phone, email or facebook) and see if they can use some help! 

Even if you can only lend a ½ day helping to clear brush, or perhaps even assisting by heading out first to break and pack a trail, this small gesture will go a long way. You will be rewarded by not only knowing that you have contributed to the trails we ride but also assisted the many local businesses that rely on our winter tourism. 

See you on the Trails! 

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Jeff McGirr is a powersports & marine enthusiast who loves sharing Northern Ontario experiences with you through his articles and videos.

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