Developments in Trail Systems in Northeastern Ontario

New Trail Links North Bay & Mattawa

Anyone who snowmobiles the Mattawa/Bonfield area on snowmobile trails in Ontario, east of the City of North Bay, quickly realizes what a gem it is. The pristine and scenic area is a wilderness highlands with some pretty amazing snowmobile trails and awesome sights.

But many snowmobilers miss the experience because TOP Trails A and D by-pass the club trails maintained by the North Bay and Mattawa Snowmobile Clubs on the north side of Mattawa River and Samuel de Champlain Provincial Parks. But that will change this winter…

The Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC) recently approved the upgrading to TOP Trail status for the snowmobile trail that connects Mattawa to North Bay on the north side of these parks. The new TOP Connector trail is designated as TOP A112A. It replaces the North Bay Snowmobilers Club NB301 trail, as well as the Mattawa and Area Snowmobile Club trails MA105 and MA101. The new TOP Collector trail A112A is 91 kilometres in length. It connects to the TOP A Trail south of Mattawa, goes right past that town, and joins TOP A2 Trail east of Trout Lake and North Bay. The new TOP Trail is shown on the 2013 District 11 Trail Guide.

This upgrade to TOP trail status will attract a large number of touring snowmobilers. It will undoubtedly bring more snowmobile traffic into the Mattawa and Bonfield areas to do the new loop created from North Bay to Mattawa. Also, given the increasing popularity of the RAP (Round Algonquin Park) Tour, now RAP riders can make side trips to explore a whole new area or ride a new route into North Bay.

You can plan your Ontario snowmobiling visit this winter by booking accommodations in North Bay at one of many snowmobile-friendly hotels, such as the Pinewood Park, Best Western, Comfort Inn or Travelodge, or in Mattawa at the Valois Motel. From any of these, you can ride day loops or saddlebag trips to explore the Mattawa/Bonfield/North Bay area.

Information in theis article was generously provided by Jeff McGirr, Mattawa & Area S.C. and Brian Baker, North Bay Snowmobilers Club.

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