The Search for the Perfect Ride

Part 2: Wildlife, Food and Friends

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Perfect trails aren't just an attraction for snowmobilers… it might be a surprise to some, but the groomed and well-maintained OFSC trails aren’t only used by snowmobilers! With the huge amount of snowfall in the Parry Sound District this winter, the wildlife have also occasionally been escaping the deep forest snow and venturing out onto the groomed OFSC trails.

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Recently a group of friends and I ventured out into the cold again for another try at the perfect ride. You know what I mean… while others are grumbling about the winter weather in Ontario, we're out there seeking out the best trails, watching for unexpected sights and enjoying time with friends. Being on the trails by 8 AM does have its perks… like watching the sun rise and seeing the morning light shimmer through the snowy trees, surrounded by wildlife. After leaving home we got onto the 803 trail heading east towards the C101 and once we got there, between the 803 and the 804 we saw four moose!

It was certainly shocking to come around a corner and see two moose standing on the trail; you never realize just how big a moose really is… until you’re almost right up against it, that is. They ran off into the bush and I was so happy to have seen them. Then, as we continued down the trail, enjoying the perfect conditions, we reached the bottom of a hill and… there were two more moose (a cow and a bull) following the trail. As they trotted off into the forest we stopped and watched them. It was amazing. (and, I wish I'd brought my GoPro with me that day!) 

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After our encounter with Mother Nature's patrons, we continued down the C101 and hooked up onto C103D (the Seguin trail) for a bit before turning right to head south on the C102 towards Rosseau. For the few kilometres that we were on it, the Seguin trail was very bumpy, unfortunately, probably due to all the snowmobile traffic from the weekend. However, the C102 was in good condition and a very nice trail to ride.

Once in Rosseau, we went to Crossroads Restaurant for a hot chocolate and some food for lunch. Crossroads is a wonderful restaurant with heated floors (which dried out my socks nicely), great hospitality and amazing food! Our group ordered a wide variety… from fish and chips to spring rolls, chicken fingers, burgers, chicken and broccoli—everyone was fully satisfied. Afterwards, we got back onto the trails headed towards Parry Sound, eventually ending up on Georgian Bay.

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Next we took the 350 trail west out of Rosseau, hooked up onto the last bit of the 201 West and got on the C trail heading north. Leading into the C-Alternate trail we went west, right through the town of Parry Sound. After passing the Bobby Orr Community Centre, you can either continue on the trail (the town Walking Trail) or go down Georgian Bay. We were confident with the amount of snowmobile tracks and ice fishers on the Big Sound that it was okay. Following the trails past the town's salt docks, we continued into Bowers Bay and got onto OakRidge Road to hook back up to the C-Alternate trail. Snowmobiling on Georgian Bay is definitely terrifying, yet super awesome. I made sure to take it slow, as drifting snow pretty much turned parts of the ice into rolling hills. Georgian Bay is a beautiful place, both in summer and winter, and is definitely amazing to snowmobile on. Heading home, we fueled up our machines at the Esso in Nobel and continued on our way on the C-Alternate across Portage Lake and eventually ended up on the C trail.

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The ride today was certainly perfect… I think we reached our goal. Between seeing wildlife, enjoying amazing food and taking in the scenery with fellow snowmobilers, we had an amazing time enjoying the sights around Parry Sound.

Much like every other snowmobiler, I love perfect rides. The perfect ride makes you excited to go back out and do more riding as soon as possible, and thank Mother Nature for giving us such an amazing amount of snow!

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