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Come and ride our scenic snowmobile trails through rural Ontario in OFSC District 5, where you can experience trails going through beautiful bush land and scenic farm land all in one ride. Our district is located in picturesque Southwestern Ontario and offers several trips for the day or over night.
Wherever you begin to start your day in District 5, you will be riding in the most southern snowmobile trails in Ontario and in Canada. With 24 member clubs within the district, 11 of which belong to the Golden Triangle Snowmobile Association, the possibilities of rides are endless.

What you can do

It's the only district that allows you to ride from Lake Huron right down to Lake Erie so you are able to see the scenic views from both areas. There are parts of the trails down to Lake Erie that you will be able to look out over the lake even. If is it bragging rights you are after, head down to Turkey Pointto say you rode to the furthest point south that OFSC trails will allow. If you are a trip planner, the district offers many loops with a fantastic trail system that can be day trips or full tours lasting a couple days. Come and ride with us and we will do our best to show you a fabulous time.


There are many events that occur throughout District 5 every season. Some of the highlights of our events are a wing night held by the St. Clements club the first Friday of every month beginning in November, you can either ride in by trails or drive to the club house to enjoy this event. A radar run and cook your own steak barbeque held by the Science Hill Drifters in January, this is in the St. Marys area. There are several other events that occur throughout the season, such as pancake breakfasts so plan your trip accorindingly.


Located near many of the southern Ontario cities, makes for a great culinary and hospitality experience. With many snowmobile friendly locations around the trails, there are places to meet everyone's needs. Rock Glen Family Resort in Arkona offers fully furnished cabins with onsite pool and hot tub. The Stone Willow is a great starting point offering trailer parking in St. Mary, with fantastic restaurants to chose from. Along the trails you will find several cafes, grills and pubs or family taverns with all the amenities needed to fill up on before you carry on to your destination.

Smiling Volunteers

We are blessed in District 5 to have the best group of volunteers possible. These volunteers are hard working and determined to make our trails the best that they could be. From our fantastic landowners, these people allow us to ride through their property and without them we would not be able to provide fantastic trails. The trail building members of our clubs are hard workers and can be seen in any weather making the trails safer for all that ride them. Our groomer operators do an outstanding job at making the trails as smooth and safe as they possibly can. We cannot forget our behind the scenes volunteers either, from selling permits to doing the paperwork these volunteers work just as hard to keep this district running.

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