Trailside Restaurants for the Ontario Snowmobiler

Where to eat when you just want to get back out there and ride!

For the Ontario Snowmobiler every hour of the winter season is precious time that could be spent in one of two ways: On the trails or something else. Something less thrilling. Something less rewarding, less I've-been-looking-forward-to-this-all-week. Whatever that something may be you can bet we'll choose the trails over it any day! 

So when you're out there and everything is going your way—the trails are freshly groomed, the weather is perfect, you're surrounded by friends—you don't want to waste any time looking for something to eat. And you will need to eat. So be prepared.

Here we present the big list of the best eateries on or near Ontario's famed 8 loop tours. These are all snowmobile friendly establishments frequented by riders who know you've got to fuel up both tanks to make a successful day of it. Good places to meet local sledders and get first-hand up-to-the-minute news on trail conditions, directions to those scenic spots you know are out there and most important of all: some nourishment to do what you want to do most. Ride! You might just find a something else that comes in at a close second!

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Northeastern Ontario


Chateau Guay Motel, Sudbury, ON
Located on C109D Trail
between Capreol and Coniston

Rocky's, Capreol, ON
Surrounded by miles of trails including the C Trail portion of the Chiniguchi

Round House, Capreol, ON
With the C Trail to the North and the Valley Trail Master's Trail 65 to the South

Sportsman's Lodge Wilderness Resort, Wahnapitae, ON
Located right on the TOP C105 and C206D Trails between Coniston and Capreol



Auld Reekie Lodge Bar & Grill, Gowganda, ON
On Trail A107C between Elk Lake and Shining Tree

Tata-Chika-Pika Lodge, Gogama, ON

Just north of Gogama on the Top C Trail

Three Bears Camp Outfitters Bar & Grill, Shining Tree, ON
On the TOP C Trail

Waterfront Inn, New Liskeard, ON
On the L184 Trail and just off the A Trail

Elk Lake Cabins, Elk Lake, ON
Right on the TOP A

J & L Lakeview Retreat, Gogama, ON
At the end of Trail L151 just off the TOP C

Cedar Meadows Voyageur Dining Room, Timmins, ON
In downtown Timmins, steps away from the L24 Trail connecting to the TOP A111C

Wacky Wings, Timmins, ON
Right on the L24 trail and just a short ride to the TOP A111C

Kirkland Lake Comfort Inn, Kirkland Lake, ON
At the top of Trail L108 and a short run along A110Q to the Loop



Tim Hortons, Azilda, ON
On the TOP D Trail between Coniston and Azilda

Chateau Guay Motel, Sudbury, ON
Located on C109D Trail

Tim Hortons, Chelmsford, ON
On the TOP D between Azilda and Chelmsford

Windy Lake Motel & Restaurant, Levack, ON
On the C111D between Chelmsford and Capreol

Windy Lake Motel and Resaurant Levack ON
All services at the Windy Lake Motel & Restaurant, Levack, ON


Terry's Steaks Burgers & More, Cochrane, ON
Located in downtown Cochrane and minutes from the TOP A

The Ice Hut Bar & Grill, Cochrane, ON
Also in downtown Cochrane just off the TOP A

Extreme Tours, Cochrane, ON
Right on the TOP A103

Smoothy's Restaurant, Smooth Rock Falls, ON
Just off the TOP A103


Bruce Grey Simcoe


Wild Wing, Orillia, ON
Just off the B112B

Montana's Cookhouse, Orillia, ON
On the B Trail minutes away from the B112B

Kelsey's, Orillia, ON
On the B112B and 202 Trails

Casino Rama, Orillia, ON
On the B trail and minutes from the Loop

Tim Hortons, Orillia, ON
Right on the B112B

Boston Pizza, Midland, ON
Right on the C trail

Kelsey's, Midland, ON
Right on the C trail

Boathouse Eatery, Midland, ON
Right on Trail 305 and a short ride from the Loop

Henry's Restaurants of Georgian Bay, Midland, ON
At the end of Trail 308 and minutes from the Loop

Wild Wing, Wasaga Beach, ON
Right on Trail 602 and quick ride to the B Trail

Steelers Restaurant & Pub, Elmvale, ON
Less than 10 minutes from Trail 301 on Trail C

Mylar & Loreta's Restaurant, Singhampton, ON
On Trail B111

Studs Lonigans Pub, Wasaga Beach, ON
Access from Trail 602 just off Beck Street

Pizza Hut, Stayner, ON
Located on Trail B111

Kelly's Tavern, Phelpston, ON
Just west of the C Trail

Horseshoe Valley Resort, Barrie, ON
At the end of Trail 421 and minutes from the 414

The Old Mill House Pub, Creemore, ON
Just off the B211


Ontario's Highlands, Explorers' Edge, Northeastern Ontario


Zachary's Restaurant, Dorset, ON
On the Tall Pines SC Trail 60 a short ride to the D101B

2-4-1 Pizza, Haliburton, ON
Just off the B103

Molly's Bistro Bakery, Minden, ON
On the B112 and a short run along the Haliburton County SA Trail 4 to the Loop

Rockcliffe Tavern, Minden, ON
Just off the B112 and a short run along the Haliburton County SA Trail 4 to the Loop

The Cookhouse Restaurant, Haliburton, ON
Right on Trail 11 and minutes from the B Trail

The Mill Pond Restaurant, Carnarvon, ON
Right on the 8 Trail and minutes from the B

The Pepper Mill, Carnarvon, ON
Just off the 8 Trail and minutes from the B

Village Chalet Family Restaurant, Minden, ON
Right on the B112 and a short run up the Haliburton County S.A. Trail 4 to the RAP

The Norseman Restaurant, Huntsville, ON
Just off the 77 and 78 trails leading to Trail D108B on the RAP tour

Charlie D's, Barry's Bay, ON
Right on B102 and a short ride from the B Trail

The Ash Grove Inn, Barry's Bay, ON
On the E109 and a short ride along B102 to the B Trail

Valois' Restaurant & Motel, Mattawa, ON
Right on the Mattawa & Area SC trail leading to the A112A and the top of the RAP tour loop

Kelsey's, Petawawa, ON
Located right on the A Trail

Algonquin Lunch Bar, Whitney, ON
Right on the B Trail

South Algonquin Cookhouse, Harcourt, ON
A bit of a ride from the RAP but right on the E109 and worth the extra km.



Ontario's Highlands


Mazinaw Lakeside Resort, Cloyne, ON
Just outside of Bon Echo Park and right on the E101.

The Granite, Bancroft, ON
Right on the B105E connecter trail. Less than a minute from the start of the Bon Echo Loop.

Pine Star Restaurant, Bancroft, ON
Less than 10 minutes north of the B106E and beginning of the Bon Echo Loop.

Tim Horton's, Bancroft, ON
Just north of the B106E and start of the Bon Echo Loop.

The Gate Bakery, Gilmour, ON
Just off the E106

Hastings Resort Steakhouse,  Gilmour, ON
Just off Old Hastings Trail 980 and E106

North of 7 Restaurant and Plevna Freshmart, Plevna, ON
Great stop right on the trail if you're coming to the Loop from the East

The Granite Exterior 01
Ample parking at The Granite in Bancroft, ON

South Eastern Ontario


The Red Dot Cafe, Osgoode, ON
Just off the A Trail

The McIntosh Country Inn, Morrisburg, ON
Just off the E105

KC Country Inn, Vars, ON
Off of CR201

D & S Southern Comfort BBQ, Carlsbad Springs, ON
Right on the A Trail

Burgers & Shakes, Manotick, ON
Off CR101

Midori Convenience & Fresh Foods, Navan, ON
Just off CR102D

Chez Domaine Philias, Hammond, ON
Right on the A Trail

Country Buffet and Grill, Cornwall, ON
Just off the A104

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