Comfort Foods

A little carbs here, a little cheese there, everything you want (need) to warm your soul through the winter, and we know just where to find it.

Winter stokes a certain desire in most to seek out scrumptious, filling food that leaves us full to the top. If there was ever risk of being too satisfied with a meal, comfort food has a way of making it happen. 

It also has a way of making us feel everything is right with the world again. Food can be as much as an escape as a vacation to some people, and usually needed most in the middle of winter. Short days, dark nights, instinct takes over for survival—but it isn't just to keep your body content, it's to feed your soul and spirits too. 

Below is a list of places in Sunset Country that will lift your spirits this cold winter season. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert are accounted for. But we've also included restaurants that are seasonal for the year-round "soul searchers." 

Year-Round Restaurants & Cafe's  

Forest Inn & Conference Centre - Sioux Lookout 

The Forest Bar and Grill in the Forest Inn and Conference Centre is open year-round and serves pub-style and home-style meals to keep you warm and happy. Whether you're snowmobiling in the area, there for work or pleasure, it's a great spot right on Pelican Lake in the town of Sioux Lookout

Balmer Hotel - Red Lake 

Located in Red Lake, a perfect place to be for outdoors enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, the Balmer Hotel Lounge compliments that with just want you need––soul food. It's also a great place to host events, or large groups of people such as a large crowd of snowmobilers. Check out their perogies––you can get them boiled or fried, sauteed with onions and bacon, with a healthy serving of sour cream on the side! 

Pickle Lake Hotel - Pickle Lake 

The Pickle Lake Hotel Lounge is a lakeside dining area that will seat up to 40 people. They serve everything from healthy salads to sinful burgers and the view is worth the stop alone! 

Lake of the Woods Brewing Company - Kenora 

LOWBC is a household name in Kenora; their craft beer and burgers steal the show, but other items on the menu shouldn't be ignored. "Not yer Momma's Mac n Cheese" has become a popular pasta dish––bacon, cheese, and more cheese is just a hint of what to expect! 

Yellowbird Lodge - Sioux Narrows

Excellent food and a year-round stop. In winter snowmobilers and ice anglers make this a popular destination. You can also stop in if you are driving down Highway 71. Located on Totem Rd just north of Sioux Narrows, Ontario

La Place Rendevous Hotel - Fort Frances

A gorgeous view over the convergence of Rainy Lake and Rainy River lets you enjoy the beauty on the east side of Fort Frances. If you want to try something with a bit more uniqueness, order their Neptune Rockerfeller, but only if you enjoy seafood!  

Boston Pizza - Kenora and Fort Frances 

With two locations in Kenora and Fort Frances, Boston Pizza is here to serve Sunset Country and its patrons! You know you can get delicious pizza from here, but have you tried their pastas? They are the very definition of comfort food! Take advantage of their ever-popular pasta Tuesdays this winter!

HoJoe Coffee and Eatery - Kenora 

Hojoe's coffee, baked goods, specialty teas and countless hot and cold drinks are just one reason to visit. But they also have soup and sandwich specials, delectable desserts and so much more packed into their cozy location right on Main Street Kenora. 

Seasonal Restaurants 

Ash Rapids Lodge -  kenora

Another boat-in lodge offering great foods and quality ingredients. Boaters - it's a must-stop on the lake!

Wiley Point Lodge - Kenora  

Wiley Point Lodge is a boat-in lodge on Lake of the Woods, the also have a full bar and restaurant that services boat traffic all summer long. You can arrive anytime or make a reservation!  

Totem Lodge - Sioux Narrows

A drive-in lodge just outside of Sioux Narrows, Totem is known for its family-friendly atmosphere while still being fancy enough to warrant dressing up for the evening. 

Crow Rock Lodge - Kenora  

Another boat-in lodge on Lake of the Woods, we recommend you call ahead to book a reservation. Their restaurant fills up fast, and for good reason––the views alone are worth the trip.

Indianhead Lodge - Sioux Narrows 

This scenic dining room is available by reservation only, or if you're one of their guests, you can enjoy a care-free American Plan stay with full meals provided! 

Temple Bay Lodge & Jigger's Pub - Eagle River 

Opened in 2018, Jigger's Pub is the newest addition to the beautiful Temple Bay Lodge on Eagle Lake. 

Crystal Harbour Resort - Sioux Narrows 

Open for walk-ins in the summer season, their full-service restaurant is a great place to stop in for lunch or dinner on your way through the HWY 71 corridor, or stop and stay a while! 

Not a local? Plan your Trip 

If you're visiting Sunset Country this winter, perhaps on a snowmobiling trip or ice fishing getaway and think you may want to visit one of these restaurants or lodges, check out our website or feel free to order our FREE Travel Guide and Fishing Map for even more information on the areas, retail services, cafe bakeries, lodges, and more. 

About Alyssa Lloyd

Alyssa Lloyd is a photojournalist based out of Kenora working with Ontario's Sunset Country. The outdoors has been the center of her work and personal life for as long as she can remember. As an angler, Alyssa spends most of her time time chasing multiple species on both conventional and fly gear. 

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