Wonderful Wabigoon Lake!

With an average depth of less than 20 feet, Wabigoon Lake has a very healthy fishery with trophy walleye, muskie, northern pike, bass, and crappie.

Wabigoon Lake is in the heart of Sunset Country and is roughly a 2-hour drive north of the Canada/US border and 3.5 hours from Winnipeg MB. The City of Dryden and the community of Dinorwic are located on the north shore of the lake. The Wabigoon River is the primary inflow and outflow. The name "Wabigoon" comes from the Ojibwe waabigon meaning "marigold", or waabi-miigwan, "white feather".

Quick Facts: The average depth is 19'6" with a maximum depth of just over 47 ft. There are 114 miles (183 km) of shoreline and the lake is 20 miles (32 km) long. The surface area of Wabigoon is 40.8 square miles, and including the nine adjoining lakes, covers 50,000 acres. It is a large lake with only a handful of lodges on it. There are hundreds of islands.

Picture perfect! Photo: Merkel's Camp

The lake is filled with walleye, muskie, northern pike, smallmouth bass, and jumbo perch.

The 114 miles of shoreline and countless bays with weed beds, islands, and rocky points will excite any angler.

With large amounts of water to fish, a diverse structure, and a heavy forage base, Wabigoon Lake not only produces a high population of fish but also many trophies.

Walleye caught on Wabigoon at Huber's Lone Pine Lodge

Walleye fishing on Wabigoon Lake is fantastic. They thrive in warmer, nutrient-dense waters and tend to grow faster than some other lakes in Northwest Ontario. In the spring, walleyes can easily be found near the feeder creeks and in shallow water. In the warmer summer months, you can find walleyes off the shoals or sunken islands. In the fall, you’ll find the walleyes in the weed lines. 

A muskie caught in the summer at Indian Point Camp

Muskie fishing is also superb on Wabigoon. There are many streams and sandy areas that are perfect spawning grounds, making the muskie population on Wabigoon very healthy. Wabigoon has many islands, rocky points, shoals, and feeder streams which are perfect places to find muskies. Several over 50" muskies are caught and released each year. Many predict the next world record muskie may come from Wabigoon Lake!

Like muskies, northern pike have plenty of food - walleyes perch, bass, and other baitfish. Wabigoon’s warm water has many deep weedy bays with lots of cabbage weed, which are close to rocky points, drop-offs, and sand bars. These are the prime territories for big trophy Northern Pike. They are also usually fairly shallow.

Smallmouth bass caught at Merkel's Camp on Wabigoon

Smallmouth bass is also another sought-after fish on Wabigoon. The average size bass is 12 to 16 inches with many reaching 18-20”. There are also many jumbo perch on Wabigoon Lake. Crappies have made their way into Wabigoon and are getting bigger and more plentiful each year.

Some of the bays you'll find good fishing action are Muckie Bay, Barrett Bay, Daunais Bay, Bowen’s Bay, Contact Bay, Larson Bay, and the Western Arm. There are many islands to fish around including some larger ones such as Green Island, Christie’s Island, Stewart Island, Devil’s Island, Copeland Island, Picnic Island, Anderson Island, and Grenville Island. 

Wabigoon Fishing Regulations

Walleye Fishing Regulations on Wabigoon

  • Open Season: Jan. 1 to April 14 & 3rd Saturday in May to Dec. 31
  • Non-Resident: Sports License: daily catch & retain limit 2- Possession limit 4, Conservation License: 2 in your possession
  • Resident: Sports License: 4 in your possession
  • Size Restrictions: None between 46-58 cm (18.1 - 22.8") and not more than 1 greater than 58 cm (22.8")

Muskie Fishing Regulations on Wabigoon

  • Open Season: 3rd Saturday in June to Dec. 15
  • Sport License: 1 in your possession, Conservation License: Zero in your possession
  • Special Size Restrictions: Muskie must be 54 inches or greater as Wabigoon is designated a top trophy muskie lake.

Northern Pike Fishing Regulations on Wabigoon

  • Open Season: Open all year
  • Limit - Sport License: 4 in your possession, Conservation License: 2 in your possession
  • Size Restrictions Sport License: None greater than 75 cm (29.5")

Smallmouth Bass Fishing Regulations on Wabigoon

  • Open Season: Open all year
  • Limit - Sport License: Dec. 1 to June 30, 2 in your possession less than 13.8 inches - July 1 to Nov. 30, 4 in your possession (no size limit), Conservation License: Dec.1 to June 30, 1 in your possession less than 13.8 inches - July 1 to Nov. 30, 2 in your possession (no size limit)

Yellow Perch Fishing Regulations on Wabigoon

  • Open Season: Open all year
  • Limit - Sport License: 25 per day - 50 in your possession, Conservation License: 25 in your possession

These regulations were accurate at the time of publishing. Always check the fishing regulations for Wabigoon Lake each year to make such they are still the same. 

Fishing at sunset at Huber's Lone Pine Lodge

Accommodations on Wabigoon Lake

Bonny Bay Camp

Bonny Bay Camp offers Housekeeping cabins for fishing and hunting trips, or for just some relaxation or adventure.

Website: bonnybay.com • Phone: 866-815-5971

Wabigoon Lake Outfitters (formerly Indian Point Camp)

Wabigoon Lake Outfitters offers 11 housekeeping cabins on a peninsula on the sheltered western shore of the lake. They also have a new RV Park with a lake view and semi-lake view, as private and spacious campsites.

Website: wabigoonlakeoutfitters.com  Phone: 807-323-3839

Merkel’s Camp

Merkel’s is situated on the eastern side of Wabigoon. They offer Housekeeping cabins, a fully-serviced campground, and a bed & breakfast for travelers that are passing by on the highway. They are open year-round and offer fishing for walleye, pike, perch, and crappie on Wabigoon and lake trout on surrounding lakes.

Website: merkelscamp.com • Phone 888-521-3872 or 807-938-6428

Huber’s Lone Pine Lodge

Huber’s Lone Pine Lodge offers Housekeeping cabins as well as an RV Park which has daily, weekly, monthly or seasonal rates.

Website: huberslodge.com • Phone: 800-665-2257

Here's a video from the New Fly Fisher showcasing fly fishing on Wabigoon Lake!

Plan your next fishing trip to Wabigoon, you won't be disappointed!

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