The Tale of a New Angler

The Experience Fishing program is a perfect introduction to fishing. Enjoy a unique, all-inclusive vacation surrounded by stunning Northern Ontario landscapes.

I have always been drawn to the water. There is something magical about the flow of rivers, glistening lakes and the sound of the ocean that brings an immeasurable sense of peace to me. As a child, I remember spending my summers consumed by nearby rivers and diving head first into crashing waves in the Great Lakes. As I came into my young adult years, I learned how to surf and scuba dive. From surfing on the coast of Vancouver Island to exploring shipwrecks off the St. Lawrence River or swimming beside sea lions 50 feet under the ocean's surface, I thought I had experienced it all.  

When I turned 30, I figured it was time to let my water adventures rest and focus on my family and career. I moved to Northern Ontario and transitioned into the adulting ways of life. Little did I know that my career path would lead me to new outdoor experiences and water-based activities. Working within the Northern Ontario tourism industry has opened my eyes to how much our province has to offer. Over the past several years, I have had the opportunity to meet incredible lodge operators, work closely with partners like Superior Country, and truly immerse myself in Northern Ontario. Exploring crystal clear lakes, accessing lodges by rail, water, and even air, basking in glowing campfires and soaking up picturesque sunsets are a few of my memorable experiences during my northern travels. However, topping all of that, I experienced fishing!

A Fishing Program for Newbies

I was introduced to the true essence of fishing through the Experience Fishing program. I am now hooked. I had no idea how passionate I would become about the sport of fishing. This program was a perfect way to be introduced to fishing while experiencing a unique vacation surrounded by stunning Northern Ontario landscapes. Superior Country’s lodges are ideal places for families and friends to gather and spend time enjoying the outdoors. The Experience Fishing program provides a safe and comfortable way to learn how to fish. From young children, to teens and adults, the quest to learn how to catch a fish is catching no matter your age.

After participating in the program, I am confident that Experience Fishing can ignite the same spark in others as it did for me.

I knew learning to fish was something special after an outing with my 5-year-old nephew. We booked in at a participating lodge and headed north to embark on our adventures. The breathtaking views of Lake Superior, the world’s largest fresh-water lake, was enough to make me giddy with excitement. Upon arrival we were greeted with warm smiles from the lodge operators who whisked our bags away to our own private cottage that was equipped with a full kitchen, comfortable beds, a private fire pit and spectacular views of the open water. I felt a sense of calmness take over my body immediately upon arrival. The smell of homemade lasagna radiated through the dining hall. It was past lunchtime when we arrived however the chef stayed late to ensure our meal was fresh out of the oven. After lunch we were given a brief tour of the grounds. The gracious hosts showed us the location of the swimming area, the docks where our fishing guide would be waiting for us the next morning and where we could access kayaks, canoes and paddle boards.

An All-inclusive, Guided Adventure

As participants of the Experience Fishing program, we knew our guide would provide us with everything we needed to make our fishing adventure memorable. With our rods, tackle and bait loaded in our boat for us, we were ready to explore the northern waters. Our guide showed us how to bait our lines, the proper techniques to guarantee fish, and educated us on the importance of wind direction and all of the best kept secrets of the lake.  

Within 30 minutes of our fishing adventure, my nephew had the first bite. With the guide’s help he landed the biggest northern pike I have ever seen! It was over 25-inches long and almost as big as he was. The look of sheer excitement on his face when he helped to reel in that fish will be forever ingrained in my memory. My nephew’s excitement increased instantly, and his curiosity took over. We were hammered with questions like, “Why do we use leeches?” and “What else lives under the water?” and “How do fish breathe?”. Our fishing guide answered every single question with patience and a big smile. The educational elements of the experience provided such reward.

Experience a Classic Ontario Shore Lunch

Later in the day, we beached the boat on a private island in preparation for lunch. We were tasked to light a fire as our guide prepared the fish for our shoreline fish-fry. The taste of fresh battered fish cooked on a cast iron skillet over open flames is an authentic Canadian experience that everyone should experience. The Experience Fishing program allowed us to try something we had never done before in a way that felt comfortable and relaxed. In addition to fishing, we also spent time exploring the area, roasting marshmallows over the fire, watching sunsets, fishing off the docks, swimming, hiking, reading books and playing games. The best part of it all was disconnecting from reality, spending time with family, watching my nephew catch his first fish and creating memories that I will cherish for years to come. 

I’ve been to all-inclusive vacations in many Caribbean countries, I have done the family trips to Disney World, I have spent time touring the UK, but I can honestly say that those vacations do not compare to the incredible experience we had at a Northern Ontario fishing lodge where we were able to experience the joy of fishing.

Plan an Experience Fishing Trip Today

The Experience Fishing Program is offered at three lodges in Superior Country that feature unique attributes, comfortable amenities, friendly hospitality and exceptional offerings to make your visit extraordinary. Explore all that Superior Country has to offer, and I guarantee you will be hooked!

Meet Superior Country’s Experience Fishing Operators

Kashabowie River Resort

Kashabowie River Resort is a spectacular place to relax and unwind, enjoy quality family time with picture perfect sunsets. The hosts go above and beyond to ensure your stay is a memorable one. With customized packages to suit your needs such as Family Specials, Girls Getaways, and Experience Fishing Packages, there is something for everyone to enjoy. Boats, equipment, accommodations, fully catered meals and plenty of activities are ready for your next all-inclusive vacation.

Ole’s Adventure Resort

Ole’s Adventure Resort, situated on the shore of breathtaking Whitefish Lake within Superior Country, is there to treat you to a true Canadian experience. The hosts take pride in sharing their passion for the outdoors with their guests. Only a short 50-minute drive from Thunder Bay, this lodge is a bucket list destination. Not only can you enjoy world-class fishing, but you can also enjoy untouched wilderness right at your doorstep. Wake up to the beauty of sunrises and unwind to the call of the loons as the sun goes down. If you are looking to escape the demands of life, Ole’s Adventure Resort can help you to do just that.  

Dog Lake Resort

Dog Lake Resort offers an array of packages for all levels of adventurers. Once you are there, make sure to explore the vast and beautiful Dog Lake by motorboat, paddling a canoe or even venturing off on one of their fully equipped house boats. Dog Lake has over 500 miles of shoreline and is made up of countless bays, islands and reefs. There is endless opportunity for any outdoor enthusiast looking for a new experience. After a day’s adventure, come back and relax in the log cabin dining room where chefs will lavish you with homemade meals while you enjoy "freedom from the kitchen."

Visit or on Facebook @ExperienceFishingON.

About Emma Jones

Emma Jones is the Director of Special Events & Initiatives at Karen Jones Consulting Inc. and owner of adventure company Off The Beaten Track. With passion and creativity, Emma has been successfully planning and executing a wide range of special events for over fifteen years. She holds a diploma in Recreation and Leisure Services from Conestoga College and an honours bachelor’s degree in Recreation and Leisure Services from Brock University. Emma loves outdoor pursuits, planning adventures and new experiences for clients, volunteering and helping others and creating a positive difference in her community.

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