Whitefish Lake - An Ontario Gem

Whitefish Lake is a bucket list destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Imagine a glistening lake surrounded by lush pine forests, creating an outdoor and angling signature to a true Northern Ontario experience.

Imagine a glistening lake surrounded by lush pine forests, creating an outdoor and angling signature to a true Northern Ontario experience. The soft call of the loon and majestic eagles flying overhead so close that you can feel the spray of their fresh catch. The water lapping on the shore beckoning you to another amazing day on Whitefish Lake in Ontario's Superior Country.

This Northern Ontario gem has been captivating and attracting angler’s generation after generation. Whitefish Lake is located just 35 miles from the US Pigeon River border, and a short 50-minute drive from Thunder Bay, Ontario. It is approximately 11.7 square miles and primarily 5 to 22 feet deep, and drains into Lake Superior via the River Arrow. Its crystal-clear spring fed water, with an abundance of vegetation, boasts the perfect condition for Walleye, Northern Pike, and Jumbo Perch. It is one of the few lakes that can sustain a 100-perch limit.

Jump in a boat rental or bring your own, and in an instant you can be exploring Whitefish Lake. Witness the water flowing over the rock formations. Visit Eagles Nest Island and view eagles and their young nesting in all their majestic beauty. There are excellent launch and docking facilities that provide all you need for your fishing excursion. Within minutes, you can be on the water enjoying all that the lake has to offer.

Planning a family vacation, group fishing trip, or retreat for two? Whitefish Lake is just a click away.  Private fully accessible cabins and rental RVs with all the amenities of home are waiting. Or if a RV or tenting experience is what you are looking for, full facility sites are available. You can be sipping a cold drink from the comfort of your adirondack chair with a front row seat to your own private outdoor oasis. Swans swimming, beavers passing by, and otters rolling and playing in true HD. You will be nestled right in the center of it all.

Whitefish Lake is a bucket list destination for outdoor enthusiasts. You can hike or travel with your ATVs for miles and miles though majestic lush pine, cedar tamarack, birch, and poplar trees which make up the back drop of the Canadian Shield.  Whether you are visiting in the summer or to experience the fall colours, Whitefish Lake attracts the true outdoor person. The untouched wilderness is waiting to be explored. It's home to the great horned owls, eagles, timber wolves, lynx, deer, and moose, just to name a few. Come in season, and you will be treated to wild blueberries busting to be picked.

You will be amazed as the anticipation grows with your family awaiting their outdoor vacation. Not only will Whitefish Lake be your destination, planning the trip with your family and friends becomes a part of the vacation before you even arrive. Fireside evenings with all its tasty treats, dinners gathered together at a grand table for 10, games, activities, and adventures that will transcend you to a simpler time. They will be the memories that you will share all winter.

About Tammy Kushnier

Tammy and her family have been at Whitefish lake for over 50 years, fishing has been the very fiber of who they are. She has made it her goal to promote tourism and access for children, persons with disabilities and families.

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