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A Fine Dining Experience with attention to every detail

Save on a flight and get a taste of Paris right here in Thunder Bay.

Editor's Note: Please note Thyme is no longer open. Visit Thunder Bay Tourism for information on where to dine in the city.

With 20 years in the food industry, Ken and Geri Little took a big step into the  burgeoning restaurant scene in Thunder Bay by building on their catering success to  introduce Thyme.

The theme behind Thyme starts with great food and beautiful décor then proceeds to upend a couple clichés associated with French Cuisine, namely the expense and small portions served on an oversized plates. Well, the plates are huge, and fancy, but the portions are filling and the prices reasonable. Peruse the Thyme website for the full menu details offered at this fine dining establishment.

Thyme, originally opened in February 2016 near the corner of Simpson and Victoria in Thunder Bay’s downtown south core but has recently made the move north. The new location is in the historic Ottawa House at 42 S. Cumberland St in the North Core Downtown area.

It is the food people come for, with the restaurant open for breakfast and lunch from 8 am to 2 pm , seven days a week. Thyme specializes in catering including bookings for private fine dining dinners at the restaurant itself. 

And the food? Geri is a Read Seal Executive Chef trained in classical French cuisine, so all dishes are made from scratch using very French ingredients: wines, sherry, butter, and cream.

On the breakfast menu are meals such as: Asparagus with Poached Eggs and Parmesan Petals, Smoked Salmon, feta and Dill Crepes, Eggs Florentine and many more.
The lunch menu includes sandwiches such as the Open Faced Gooey Brie and Chicken, and French Ham and Cheese Crepes. Mains include Coquille St. Jacques, Coq Au vin, Filet Mignon & Mushroom Pate Tower, and of course, Ratatouille, a French “peasant” dish filled with fresh vegetables, herbs au Provençal, and a special tomato sauce.
Deserts include White Chocolate Crème Brule, Lemon Meringue Tart, Triple French Vanilla Layered Cake, with an assortment of cookies, muffins, and homemade cereal bars.

Their private dinner menu offers four course elegantly-plated dinners, with guests allowed pick from a selection of options for each course. They do offer a daily chef special along with a soup and salad du jour. Geri states, “We took the best France has to offer in regards to food, and put it on our menu,” adding, “We do not offer any fried foods of any kind. We believe in baking, roasting, sautéing, braising and bringing out the very best flavors.”

French wines are featured amongst the selection. Coffees and a few teas are in-house produced blends. Some teas include thyme, of course, and Thyme plans to offer “high tea” afternoons with mini sandwiches, petit fours, and delightful homemade desserts.

Thyme sources as many ingrediants locally as possible including French cheeses, free-range eggs, beef, and vegetables and it is definitely a place to seek out on your visit to Thunder Bay especially if you are looking for a place little more upscale for breakfast or lunch or that private romantic dinner .

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