Algoma fly-in fishing

Remote lakes are loaded with walleye, northern pike, trout and bass

We've made the statement "A fly-in fishing adventure is a luxury, not every angler can afford, the hefty price tag is one of the main reasons a fly-in trip is still on the bucket list for most anglers".

No truer words have been written when pertaining to the travelling angler, especially when travelling to exotic far-away places like the Nunavut, Northwest Territories and Yukon. However, there are fly-in fishing adventures available that bear a price tag that might just surprise you!

Dotted throughout the Algoma region of Ontario are a number of hard-to-access fishing waters that are absolutely loaded with game fish like walleye, northern pike, lake trout, speckled trout, large and smallmouth bass. . .and the list goes on. Some of them may never see a human while others; well that's what we're here to tell you about.

Fish'n Canada host Pete Bowman with a Hastie Lake smallmouth bass. (Photo credit: Fish'n Canada)

The Value Of Fly-In Fishing Adventures

As we talked about earlier, the cost is probably the biggest deterrent keeping anglers from booking a fly-in fishing trip. The truth of the matter is, that many of the Algoma fly-in fishing adventures are very affordable. One of the key factors that make this possible is easy access to the airplane base. Let's face it if you can drive all your gear to the base camp, a lot of the trip's costs have been taken care of in a very economical way.

The type of fly-in will also determine the ultimate cost of the trip.

If you want a higher-end fly-in fishing adventure, then a lodge will be your choice. That means boarding the plane with only a suitcase and fishing gear and landing at a beautiful establishment where all meals are included, beds are made every day, running hot & cold water with showers, a fully stocked bar, fishing guides, shore lunches, live bait etc, etc. . . .fishing luxury at its best.

Fish'n Canada host Pete Bowman with a big walleye. (Photo credit: Fish'n Canada)

Escape to Truly Remote Wilderness: Outpost Camps

The second type of fly-in is less costly. It's called an outpost camp. What this entails is boarding the plane with suitcases and fishing gear (same as a lodge trip) but this time you bring in all food, beverages, bedding and anything else you would need for a few days in a bush cabin. There are some cabins that run a generator however most run their lighting and kitchen appliances on propane. . .very handy in the middle of nowhere. Some have showers, but many of them don't. Now, this may sound rough to you, however, knowing what you're getting into beforehand makes it a very tolerable and in fact a very enjoyable fishing trip. . .one that only a handful of people may have experienced before you on the same water. Boats, motors and gas are all provided at outpost camps.

If you were to give us, here at Fish'n Canada, a choice of either type of fly-in the answer may surprise you. There's nothing better than a hot shower after a long day on the water and a meal served in a big gorgeous dining room but honestly, we've had such a blast at outpost camps as well as some insane fishing that it would be a dead heat. Give us either. . .we'll take it!

At the time of writing this article, our team has flown into a number of Algoma lodges and outposts which include Esnagami Wilderness Lodge, Lauzon Aviation, Pine Portage Lodge, and White River Air as well as properties accessed by Hearst Air and Nakina Air.

Every one of the above-mentioned trips was a success with lots of fish and some big ones to boot!

You can find all the fly-in fishing lodges in the Algoma region by clicking here

Algoma northern pike. (Photo credit: Fish's Canada)

As a couple of examples of these trips, Lauzon Aviation's Hastie Lake is very prominent in our minds. We have been there three times and don't intend on quitting. It's unique in that it's a fly-in bass fishing destination. Lots of BIG smallmouth and largemouth! We knew we would have a lasting relationship with this lake when Angelo cast his Topwater from the camp's dock (immediately after the floatplane just departed from that particular dock) and after a couple of pulls, set into a gorgeous 4-pound smallie. From then on it was that good!

A second example is when Pete flew into Garnham Lake with White River Air. He was totally surprised by the enormous size of the northern pike he found. He ended his trip with two of the biggest pike he's ever caught. . .and that's including trips to Northern Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the North West Territories!

As you can probably tell, the "Fish'n Canada" crew loves fly-in fishing adventures. There are things in life that are hard to put a value on and accessing backcountry lakes via a floatplane is one of them but doing it in the Algoma region, well that my friends are truly priceless. . .it's what fishing dreams are made of.

Our advice is simple. . .book it. . .you deserve it!

About Fish'n Canada

As one of the original pioneers of Canadian adventure television, the Fish'n Canada Show has been broadcasting their pursuit of the ultimate adventure for over 30 years. Hosts Angelo Viola and Pete Bowman educate and entertain audiences with their passion and enthusiasm for fishing. Both are inductees in the Canadian Anglers Hall of Fame. Check out their episodes and video on the Fish'n Canada YouTube Channel and like them on Facebook!

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