A Fall Hiking Trip to Remember

A Unique Way to Enjoy the Multicoloured Landscape of Algoma

As a hiking guide, I've been all over the North. And as I get older, I've learned that knowing where to stay is actually just as important as the hike itself. Staying at Norm's Cabin is a unique experience in the area: whether you’re an active hiker or a midnight stargazer, this cabin is perfect for a fun, affordable getaway. Having travelled frequently to Norm's in the fall as well as in summer, I wanted to share my thoughts—not just from the perspective of a guide, but as a hiker who makes it her mission every year to see the very best that the Northern Ontario autumn can offer.

norm's cabin algoma highlands conservancy

Imagine hiking through the multi-coloured landscape or paddling the quiet lake surrounded by the reds, oranges, and yellows of a hardwood forest in the fall. Norm’s Cabin is located on a secluded bay of Bone Lake, and to get there you must hike or bike at least 9 km through the property owned by the Stokely Creek Lodge and the Algoma Highlands Conservancy (AHC).

Photo credit: Colin Field

The AHC’s mission is to conserve and protect the unique beauty and ecological integrity of key areas within the Algoma Highlands region, and its mission is based on four core principles—Conservation, Environmental Education and Research, Silent Sports Recreation, and Sustainable Land Management. The AHC rebuilt Norm’s Cabin on the northeast shore of Bone Lake as a key infrastructural element that can be used to help realize the mission and promote all four core principles. 

Photo credit: Colin Field

Your experience can begin by exploring King Mountain with its three scenic overlooks, and a night’s stay at a warming hut, before hiking to the cabin or your stay at Norm’s can include relaxing by the lake for a day or more before heading out to Robertson Cliffs to enjoy the view over Goulais Bay. 

Photo credit: Colin Field

Booking some time at Norm’s Cabin can also be the getaway that you are looking for to inspire creativity or to truly relax. Turn off the phone, disconnect, and enjoy the outdoors. The remote location is an ideal spot to set up an easel, do some yoga, or pick up a pen. Distractions come in the form of butterflies and hummingbirds or the sound of loons on the lake. There is no light pollution to mask the stars at night, and if you are lucky the northern lights will make an appearance.

At Blaq Bear, we will take care of all your needs to make this a trip to remember. We will make sure that you are comfortable and safe to hike to the cabin or huts by providing maps, and clear directions during an online or in-person orientation meeting before your hike in. We can recommend an outfitter to transport your gear and supplies and where you can rent a canoe. Fishing is allowed on Bone Lake in season and we can help facilitate your permit. In short, we want to make your trip as carefree as possible.

inside norm's cabin

Inside Norm's Cabin. (Photo credit: Blaq Bear Eco Adventure Routes)

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About Carole Blaquiere

Carole Blaquiere is the principal owner of Blaq Bear Eco Adventure Routes. She has been a passionate hiker for over 20 years, has completed the entire Grand Valley and Bruce Trails before heading north to continue to exploring trails along the coasts of Lake Huron and Lake Superior. Blaq Bear is a new endeavor aimed at sharing knowledge and experiences with those who are visiting and she is a big supporter of tourism for the area.

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