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Time to Snowmobile Algoma

The Groomer Guy Talks Sledding in his home region

Hello, my Snowmobile friends, it's Luc here better known as "The Groomer Guy"!

It is the time of year when we all wait for the big snowfall to come and to go out riding, and it's the time of year that we begin to plan our upcoming snowmobile trips for the new season. As many of you are probably planning right now, I would like to take this time to invite you guys to try riding in Algoma Country this winter, come on up to my area and come see what riding is really all about.

Algoma has a trail system that consists of over 2,000 miles of groomed trails carved through the rugged Canadian Shield and old-growth forests. You will find unrivalled comfort, safety and hospitality in the communities and small towns located throughout the Algoma Trail System.

Algoma towns are very snowmobile friendly, snowmobiling is not only our pastime it's also part of our daily life, and there is always somebody willing to help you out with directions or to lend a hand.

For those folks from Southern Ontario, the border of Algoma lies only four hours from home in the town of Spanish and for our American friends across the bridge at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan into Canada and you have arrived in Algoma!

You might ask. . .why Algoma? Other than coming to see me in person, you will get to ride some of the best trails Ontario has to offer, Algoma has a vast network of trails that run through breathtaking scenery. This area is not just flat and boring, we have many types of terrain from logging roads to twisty tight forest trails, railbed trails, pipeline corridors and power line trails; our trails are a good mix that is bound to keep you happy and smiling on your trip. This is what's great about Algoma the scenery changes all the time, and there truly is never a dull moment.

Hornpayne snowmobile trails
(Photo credit: Virgil Knapp)

New to Algoma this year is the launch of the "Long Haul Loop" an approximately 170 km route from Searchmont to the town of Aubrey Falls that will allow snowmobilers to then connect to Chapleau, Dubreuilville and Wawa. The new trail is called D201F, a very scenic trail; this area sees a lot of snow and early in the season as it is the highest elevation in the province of Ontario, there is snowfall here before other areas get any. On this spectacular route, you will have the opportunity to sled pure wilderness on scenic groomed trails. You can bet this trail will be well taken care of because the Sault Trail Blazer Club takes great pride in their trails, they have plenty of experience as their club is one of the Clubs that founded the OFSC (Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs).

newalgoma trails loop

If going north is not in your plans this year you can always ride the Blind River, Elliot Lake and St. Joseph Island trails, about 5 years ago I got the chance to ride from St. Joseph Island to Elliot Lake, it was one of my favourite trips ever! A few of my favourite spots along the trails were the Iron Bridge trail and the D trail up to Elliot Lake where we hit the natural gas pipeline. It was so much fun to ride.

If you feel adventurous you can go for a day trip into the USA as there is a tree line trail from the island that will take you over to Drummond Island, Michigan. Or if you want to come to Canada from Drummond, follow the tree line! Be sure to ensure the tree line is completed and that the trail is safe, you can do that by calling the District 13 Office or checking it out online!

Winter is almost here, so that means it's time for me to get off this computer and go into the groomer garage and get some things done. I must be ready to head out on the snow to get those trails packed as soon as that snowfall arrives. See you guys soon.

Keep on Grooming,

Luc, The Groomer Guy

About Luc Levesque

Luc Levesque, AKA The Groomer Guy, is an avid snowmobiler from Dubreuilville, Ontario. He has been grooming snowmobile trails for 17 years.

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