A Match Made In ATV Heaven

Two of Ontario's largest ATV clubs join forces for a challenging, down and dirty long weekend event.

The Kawartha ATV Club and the Haliburton ATV Club joined together for their annual "Joint Ride" on the August long weekend. The dreary Sunday weather did not deter members from Ontario’s two largest clubs from coming out to enjoy a day on the trails.

The ride was hosted in the Haliburton region on the Pine Springs Road T2.8 trails, just west of Kushog Lake and bordering the Muskoka District. For those traveling from far, the Highlands Motel in Minden provided ideal ATV friendly accommodations.  

The staging area was found on Pine Springs Road off of Highway 35 between Carnarvon and Dorset, Ontario. It accommodates many trucks and trailers, and proved to be an ideal spot for gathering for the ride. With approximately 40 riders registered for the event, ride leader Barry Lorde from HATVA guided as the group set out for the day’s adventure. For many in attendance, this was the first time trekking this area and they were excited to see what the day would present.   


It did not take long before winches were engaged and working the ATVs over and through obstacles began. These trails offer advanced riding with a mix of deep woods trekking and overgrown logging roads. The riders were challenged with plenty of off-camber sections and steep hill climbs, mixed with an abundance of mud and water holes to get down and dirty.  


Most machines were equipped with lifted rads and oversized tires but those that were not were pulled, pushed and towed through the tricky spots. Most areas offered an easier “go around” route for those not keen on tackling the extreme sections. 


This area, in keeping with the rocky terrain found throughout the Haliburton area, gives the rider and machines a workout. Riding is slow and cumbersome through this dense terrain, but the lookouts at the scenic Shoe Lake and the rich growth of the Boreal forest make it all worthwhile. 


The Haliburton ATV Club treated the participants to lunch on the trail. A BBQ was set up at midpoint in a gravel pit, which was accessible by fire access roads. After a hot lunch and much socializing, some of the group decided that they had enough for one day and took a direct road route back to the staging area. The remaining 15 members of the group continued for a couple more hours of exploring the engaging area.  

After six hours of technical riding and a mere 55 km covered, the last of the riders were tired and played out when we arrived back at the staging area. "What a ride" was the topic of conversation as everyone departed.  Many thanks to both the HATVA and KATVA for organizing the great day! 


About Shawn and Corrie Hynes

Shawn and Corrie have been avid dirtbike and ATV enthusiasts for over 30 years. Originally from Northern Ontario, they spent most of their lives enjoying the outdoors and discovering new wilderness to explore. They currently reside in Kawartha Lakes, where they enjoy the KATVA and HATVA trail systems, as well as regularly touring across Canada in search of new ATV routes to explore and write about on their ATV Blog.

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