The 19 Best ATV Cabin Rentals in Northern Ontario

Check out these awesome ATV home bases all over Northern Ontario.

Traversing Ontario’s rugged terrain via ATV is one of the best ways to explore new ground, hunt, fish or simply just to take the scenic route. And in Ontario, it's easy to enjoy all four seasons with your ATV

Whether you’d like to travel solely on your ATV or trailer it to new locations, you should be able to find some cozy home bases in this round-up of Northern Ontario’s regions, all with their own unique reason to visit. 

Be sure to check out this list of Ontario ATV events in 2024. Some are charity events, which give you all the more reason to pack up the bikes and hit the road to visit these awesome ATV hot spots. 

An ATV on a gravel trail lined with autumn trees

The Perks of Renting a Cabin for Your ATV Adventure

  1. Leave everything and the kitchen sink at home! Most cabins either housekeeping or American Plan alike offer fully-stocked kitchens, making it much easier for you to pack light and just focus on the important things needed for your ATV. A lot of cabins have BBQs, linens, towels, and all the utensils you’ll need to cook meals and enjoy your stay. Be sure you check ahead of time, so you can straighten up your packing list right away.

  2. These cozy cabins can typically be found on or near the water, adding to the serenity you’ll find at the beginning and end of a day. You may even be able to rent a boat, cast a line and add some more elements to your trip. 

  3. If you plan your ATV outing around an event you can optimize your time in the area by having somewhere to set up camp and invite some friends back to. Again, only pack your necessities! 

  4. All northern regions of Ontario boast a healthy grouse population. If you enjoy hunting, we strongly recommend you bring your shotgun with you to pursue grouse (check seasons ahead of time). These cabins can be ideal for moose hunters as well, if you’re looking for a home base between hunts, a lot of outfitters are more than acquainted with hunters and often have facilities such as game hooks to aid in your harvest. 

  5. ATVing is a great shoulder-season getaway away from the crowds of summer. Aside from the odd group of hunters in the fall months, you’ll find these cabins to be even more serene than they are in their busy seasons. 

6 ATV Cabins to Rent in Ontario's Sunset Country

Brown's Clearwater Lodge docks; a series of wooden docks extending into a large expanse of blue-green lake water, along a densly forested shoreline under a blue sky.
Brown's Clearwater West Lodge

 It may seem like the wild, wild west, and well, that's because it is. Sunset Country is world-renowned for its fishing and hunting. It's no secret that the wild game of this region is next level—but so is the unlimited space. You can travel for miles in Sunset Country and not see another soul. It truly is wild, untamed and unbelievably beautiful. 

Five Lakes Lodge, Red Lake, Ontario 

Graystone Lake Lodge, Ignace, Ontario 

Woman River Camp, Ear Falls, Ontario 

Manotak Lodge, Perrault Lake, Ontario 

Brown’s Clearwater West Lodge, Atikokan, Ontario 

Bonny Bay Camp, Dryden, Ontario 

An ATV and a UTV parked in front of a green forest on a rocky bank. The UTV has a canoe strapped to a rack above it.
Getting ready for an ATV adventure at Manotak Lodge

4 ATV Cabins to Rent in Ontario's Superior Country 

If Sunset Country is the wild West, Superior Country is the Wild Centre. When you leave the city limits along any portion of Highway 11 or 17 you’re instantly transported into rugged canyons, pebbly beaches and massive amounts of crown land. Scenic and technical trails sprawl all over this breathtaking region. 

Spruce Forest Lake Retreat B&B, Thunder Bay, Ontario

Nipigon River Adventures, Red Rock, Ontario 

Ole’s Adventure Resort, Whitefish Lake near Thunder Bay, Ontario

5 ATV Cabins to Rent in Ontario's Algoma Country 

Algoma really knows how to cater to their ATV patrons and it shows. They even have outfitters that rent out ATVs and do guided tours.

Laurentian Lodge, Elliot Lake, Ontario 

Snowshoe Camp Resort, Thessalon, Ontario 

Chapleau Lodge, Chapleau, Ontario 

Flame Lake Lodge, South of Chapleau, Ontario on HWY 129 

Red Pine Lodge, Foleyet, Ontario 

4 ATV Cabins to Rent in Northeastern Ontario

a blue painted sign that reads 'Bay Wolf Camp', surrounded by bushes and yellow autumn trees.
Northern Ontario is full of cozy lodges that offer everything you need. // Bay Wolf Camp

A popular spot for ATVing and snowmobiling alike, this eastern region of northern Ontario boasts waterfalls, rivers, lakes and endless crown land. Trail systems across both designated areas and crown land will have you heading in a new direction every day to explore. 

Beautiful Log Cottage for Rent, Mattawa, Ontario 

Bay Wolf Camp, Shining Tree, Ontario 

Bay Lee Mac Camp, Latchford, Ontario 

Mowat Landing Cottages, Haileybury, Ontario 

Lake of the Woods at sunset; darkening lake water dotted with small islands under a silver, orange and blue sunset sky.
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