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Located at the confluence of the Madawaska and Ottawa Rivers, Chats Lake provides access to some of the finest boating on the Ottawa River over a 30-km stretch of navigable water between Chats Falls in the East and Portage du Fort in the West. The Club caters to power boating and sailing, and features 23 sheltered moorings, a concrete launch ramp, kitchen and shower facilities. Access to outside electrical power is provided, however pump out facilities are not available. 
Coming from all walks of life, members share a common interest and passion for old antique outboard motors, with the aim of helping to promote, preserve and promote the Canadian heritage in vintage outboard motors, related artifacts and their associated history. Some collect, tinker and restore relics to their former glory, while others may just be looking to keep an ol’ kicker in running condition. Whatever your level of interest, passion and/or mechanical ability, this could be the club for you.
Billed as “Boating with a Hint of Maple,” CBOC is a web resource intended for all boat owners regardless of manufacturer or boat type, including an online forum for boaters and enthusiasts. 
The Sun Parlour Boat Club welcomes visitors from near and far for an enjoyable boating experience. Begun in the late 1960s, it was started by a small group of locals with a common interest in family-sized outboard motor racing. Its clubhouse is located by the Holiday Harbour Marina in Lasalle, located mid-way between Lake St. Clair and Lake Erie, nestled behind Grassy Island on the Detroit River.  
Featuring excellent facilities, including indoor and outdoor patio access for members, gas dock, private showers and guest docking available, all surrounded by fabulous scenery. Naturally, the Town of Oakville is very nearby, with many fine restaurants just a walk away. 
Performance Boat Club Events are aimed at promoting safe and responsible performance boating through education, awareness and organized boating events, while contributing to local communities through charitable fund-raising activities and support of the performance boating community. 
Boat ownership is no longer a barrier to boating—Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre has a fleet of boats waiting, allowing you to experience all of the benefits without the hassle or high cost. Aside from offering rentals, they also have courses in basic powerboating for beginners, getting you into water without hassle even if you have no previous experience. Take a spin along the water with a trained instructor, and discover the city from a completely different perspective.
A non-profit organization devoted to those with an interest in boat racing. Their membership includes boat builders, antique collectors, marine dealers, inboard racers, general boating enthusiasts and, of course, outboard racers. Members reside throughout North America, but the majority live between Ottawa and Windsor.
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