3 Must-Attend Boating Events for Summer 2022

Get the trailer and fill up the truck—boating season is here, and it’s time to hit the road!

Boating season is finally here—after a chilly start to spring, warmer temps have arrived. Water levels across the province are at normal levels, and there are plenty of sunny days ahead. For those of you who like to socialize and be part of the “in” crowd, picking the right events to trailer your boat to can make the difference between an okay weekend, and a truly great one.

1. Berrio On the Sandbanks

July 23, 2022 - Lake Wahnapitae Sandbanks, ON

An absolutely killer event that should not be missed. Each summer country music star Larry Berrio puts on a concert on a barge on the lake, with the massive sandbanks towering behind him—he even made a music video of the event in the first year. 

That first year was mostly locals, but as the popularity of the event grew we started to see more people trailering their boat in for this event. This year promises to be the best yet—definitely worth the drive. The waist-deep water around the stage means the boats can be anchored, and the whole gang can get out and enjoy Larry’s concert up close and personal.

2. Canada Day Fireworks in the Bay

Fireworks over the harbour in Kenora, Ontario. Photo: Graeme Sprange

July 1, 2022, Kenora, ON
While not officially a boating event, Kenora is a city that lives life on the water—and Canada Day is no exception. So while many people enjoy the display from land, there are over 300 boats in the bay as the fireworks go off.

Lake of the Woods is truly a world-class boating destination—we highly recommend spending a week exploring the lake (with your hydrographic maps, of course) leading up to Canada Day and the main event. Crow’s Rock Lodge, the town of Sioux Narrows, the pictographs—there are a ton of places to boat to, and so much water to travel. But be warned, this is a complex water system and only experienced navigators should apply.

3. Gananoque Poker Run

July 8-11, 2022, Gananoque, ON
Easily the biggest and baddest boating event ever to grace Ontario shores, the Poker Run brings together some of the fiercest offshore boats in a thunderous display of power and strategy as the competing boats hit five locations where they pick up poker cards—whoever has the best hand at the end of the day can win prizes at the president’s dinner. There’s a parade lap along the waterfront for those who just want to see the boats, but if you’ve got a fast boat, this is the place for you.

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