A List of the Sault's Best Christmas Lights

Looking for something special to do with your family this Christmas Eve? Visit the winners of the 17th annual Christmas Lighting Awards!

Ward 1

87 Indiana Drive – Paolucci Residence

64 Jemmette Street – Cerenzia Residence

Ward 2

128 Simpson Street – Pelletier Residence

531 Shannon Road – Petingalo Residence

Ward 3

1172 Third Line East – Diotte/Godin Residence

1097 Third Line East – Breen Residence

Ward 4

45 Grand Boulevard – Cirelli Residence

83 Knox Avenue – Levesque Residence

Ward 5

32 Chatfield Drive – Nichols Residence

955 North Street – Eklund Residence

Ward 6

116 Alagash Drive – Mageran Residence

16 Arbor Drive – Greco Residence

Business Category

1st Place – St. Veronica’s Church – 559 Douglas Street

Visit www.saultstemarie.ca/christmaslighting to view the list of nominated and winning properties.

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