Got winter? Get cosy.

Sure, coffee is one of the most sought after, day-to-day indulgences, but more and more, enjoying your favourite cup of joe in a cosy, comfortable and inviting setting is just as important as enjoying the coffee itself.

Coffee. We line up for it, anticipate the first sip, and for many of us, can’t tackle the day without first absorbing its intoxicating aroma and flavor. Sure, coffee is one of the most sought-after, day-to-day indulgences, but more and more, enjoying your favourite cup of joe in a cosy, comfortable and inviting setting is just as important as enjoying the coffee itself. And with old man winter holding firm his often viciously cold grasp, finding that perfect cup in that perfect place is an integral part in further enjoying the coldest time of the year. Luckily, in #TheSoo, you don’t have to look too far. Here are four of the best, coziest cafes to get your coffee and your warm on.

Shabby Motley Handcraft 

If you’re a believer in “good vibes only,” then Shabby Motley Handcraft is your ideal destination. A perfect downtown spot year-round, it’s an especially warm place during the winter thanks to a delightful combination of friendly staff, delicious, fresh brews and a vintage, funky chic interior. Hipster without the attitude, Shabby Motley also seamlessly combines arts and crafts with cafe under one roof. 

In the air, the sweet and savoury aromas of homemade, freshly baked goods as well as several lunch options (vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free also available). In-store, a large selection of yarns, wools, patterns, and accessories for all your knitting and crocheting needs. In your cup, your choice of freshly made hot or cold coffee. Perfect for meetings and private events, Shabby Motley also hosts occasional knitting, spinning, and crafting classes and workshops. And with a pro-loitering policy, you’re free to lounge and browse all while enjoying a conversation and a coffee as you wind your way throughout the shop.

Sweet Greetings & the Loons Nest and The Coffee Bar

There’s always something comforting about a shop that offers an array of beautiful items and combines it with a quaint, cosy cafe and incredible customer service. Sweet Greetings is not only a chocolate and Godiva shop but it also showcases plenty of home decor selections, made to order gift baskets and a coffee bar that serves up some of the best java in town.

Visitors and #TheSoo locals alike have known to spend an entire day here. It’s easy to do so, as Sweet Greetings is often considered to be a one-stop-shop for everything from unique, one-of-a-kind wares to warm, fresh cups of coffee, delectable pastries, and rich and hearty soups all in a welcoming, fun environment. Wandering the isles, your imagination and your taste buds take you in all sorts of directions, and get you excited for what you can experience next at this small boutique.

Scott Coffee Company

So inviting, comfortable and warm, even conversations between strangers is possible here. And that positive vibe starts at the top. Owned and operated by the young, ambitious, talented and super friendly Sarah Huckson, Scott Coffee Company may be the new kid on #TheSoo block, but this uptown indie cafe is quickly becoming the go-to spot for everyone from students to professionals, at all times of the day. From breakfast wraps and hearty soups to unique, home-made cheesecakes, silky coffee, and a frozen chai latte that’s comforting even in the winter, Sarah sure knows how to make you feel warm and cozy inside and out. 

Not only is the menu infused with locally sourced ingredients, but so is the art. Here, local artists are supported, featured and showcased, as home-grown talent is always proudly displayed for patrons who enjoy entertainment with their java. So pop in, order up and get comfortable. Savour each bite, experience each sip, work, read, or play a board game. Whatever your pleasure, this welcoming space and its welcoming staff makes Scott an authentic #TheSoo experience.

About Jim Bamboulis

Jim Bamboulis is a travel and food writer, photographer and vlogger based in Toronto. He also runs Travelmammal Media, collaborating to create content for tourism boards and travel brands worldwide. When he’s not traveling, he runs a Food Tour in Toronto’s Greektown neighbourhood.

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