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Where to buy, rent and repair as well at the clubs, loops, tours and trails that make "snow country" one of Ontario's premier snowmobile destinations!

I am a huge fan of riding in Ontario - it doesn't matter if it's ATVs, PWC, motorcycles or snowmobiles, I love to ride. So it was to my great pleasure to join a snowmobile tour in Ontario's Highlands. You can read a detailed account of the places we rode, and who we rode with at, or check out the video below, which pretty well captures the essence of sledding in the region known as Snow Country

To summarize though, Ontario's Highlands is close to Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal (never more than 3 hours away from any of them) has multiple staging points, multiple sled-friendly (and more importantly trailer friendly) accommodations throughout, and is smack dab in the middle of what's know as the snow belt, meaning that it gets snow early, and it stays late - and there's always lots of it.


So I'm giving you a list of resources for sledding within Ontario's Highlands. We've assembled the complete list of snowmobile rentals, service and repair shops, as well as all of the clubs and the tour loops that exist within the region. Clubs can be invaluable when planning 

Tours Loops in Ontario's Highlands

Snowmobile Rentals in Ontario's Highlands

Snowmobile Clubs within Ontario's Highlands 

Repair Shops and Dealers in Ontario's Highlands

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