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Snowmobiling on Central Ontario Snowmobile Trails near Bracebridge in Muskoka

We'll start this 4-5 hour tour, which includes a snack stop, in Bracebridge, Ontario Canada.  Take TOP Trail D north out of town from Highway 118 on the pipeline, in the lower down town core of Bracebridge.  For those who may be coming from Lake Muskoka you'll enter the D7 system at Indian Head Harbour where Muskoka Sno-Bomber Secondary Trail 32 begins and will intersect with TOP D just north of town.  This is known locally as South Monk Drive and is a great way to start your excursion. Follow TOP D past C102D on north, past "Cormack Corner".  Look for the memorial plaque placed in memory of Bob Cormack, one of the Sno-Bombers initial Alpine Trail Groomers.  TOP Trail D will take you through the famous "Hills north of Muskoka District Rd 4".  The Sno-Bombers are considering naming this section of trail ‘Ashby Alley'.  Ask a local for the reasons.

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These hills are many things to many people.  To the groomer operators they are tough to maintain and downright scary when meeting on coming sleds.  To we snowmobilers they are a great conversation piece..."this is typical Muskoka Territory", or....  "man, that's serious air time", or worse...."man, serious damage."  "Wish I would have heeded those signs!"  The point hear is that these hills are really neat to ride through and give the area its character and do give snowmobilers a bit of a challenge, SO PLEASE HEED THE SIGNS, SLOW DOWN AND RIDE WITH CAUTION.

Just north of the hills is the intersection of TOP D and Secondary Trail 37. Continue straight or north on Secondary Trail 37 for a neat ride through some more typical Muskoka terrain.  Soon you'll see Secondary Trail 33. Turn left here and follow Trail  33 to your refreshment stop.  When you've refreshed yourself, continue on Trail 33 to 3 Mile Lake. The trail on 3 Mile Lake is staked (when it is safe) for your safety so please follow the orange markers to the southwest corner of the lake and always check the ice conditions before yo go.  Stay on Trail 33 to the intersection of Trail 34 and turn right on Trail 34. This will bring you to the intersection of Trail C102D.  To come back into Bracebridge, turn left on C102D and have a great ride home.  If you want to take an alternate route to Lake Muskoka, turn right at C102D, follow this to Secondary Trail 35 and turn left.  This will take you to Milford Bay on Lake Muskoka at Milford Bay and you should know the rest from there.

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