Five Reasons To Go Snowmobiling

Five Great Reasons To Go Snowmobiling on Ontario snowmobile trails operated by the OFSC

  1. Quality Time with Family & Friends
    From club events to trailside wiener roasts, snowmobiling reconnects family and friends through warm camaraderie and fellowship!
  2. Get Outdoors & Be Active
    There’s nothing like a day of snowmobiling in clean air and fresh snow to keep you healthy, sharp and fit!
  3. Escape the Daily Grind
    Snowmobiling carries you away from worries and stress…so relax and enjoy your discovery of the Great White North!
  4. Connect With Nature
    Snowmobiling connects you with scenic places only accessible during winter…an awe-inspiring wonderland just waiting for you!
  5. Make Winter More Fun
    Snowmobiling makes winter fun again, just like when you were a kid. This authentically Canadian activity will have you grinning from ear to ear!

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About Craig Nicholson—The Intrepid Snowmobiler

Popularly known as The Intrepid Snowmobiler, Craig Nicholson is an International Snowmobile Hall of Fame journalist who specializes in recreational snowmobiling activities. Craig has snowmobiled in every region of Canada and many states. His one-of-a-kind tour book, “Canada’s Best Snowmobiling – The Ultimate Ride Guide”, chronicles his adventures, as does his website and Facebook page.

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