5 Family-Friendly Destinations for the Parry Sound Snowmobiler

Being the second largest province in Canada, with a whole lot of lake effect snow, Ontario has a vast amount of snowmobile trails, making it a great province for sled heads. However, families can sometimes run into difficulties when it comes to snowmobiling. You have to gear up yourself as well as your kids, make sure the kids are packed and aren’t forgetting anything, pack the vehicle, load the snowmobiles… “MOM! Where are my gloves!?” and "It's too cold" can be heard amongst many other complaints, making a weekend snowmobile trip with the family sound like more trouble than it has to be. Here's a tip: buy two-up seats for the sleds and hand warmers so the kids don’t complain about being cold. 

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Now despite the big ordeal that a family weekend snowmobile trip can be for some, it can be educational, fun and a great way for families to spend time with each other outdoors (and we all know, kids these days need to get outdoors more). This article will highlight 5 unique places for family rides in the Parry Sound District showcasing why it's one of the best locations for family oriented rides.  

When I was a child, I used to go on snowmobile trips with my parents and their friends all the time… I always rode on the back with my mom and luckily the two-up seat I used had hand warmers so rides were a lot better and I wasn’t as cold as I would have been. I remember being pretty bored if my brother and I were the only kids in the group and surrounded by adults. Another tip for parents: try riding with another family so the kids can play and entertain themselves while the adults are socializing.

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As a parent in this day in age, you may have an issue separating your child (depending on their age) from their cell phone, ipod, game system, etc. A way to compromise with them is have them listen to their ipod while they're sitting on the back (with only one headphone in for safety reasons). This keeps them happy, listening to their favourite music while on the ride.  Going snowmobiling with the family can be a memorable time for children—it gets them outside, learning and having fun! 

Whitestone Lake Resort

This is my #1 choice for this topic. Whitestone Lake Resort is about 35-40 minutes away from Parry Sound down highway 124. It features an amazing restaurant, accommodations, entertainment, stunning lakeside views, and easy access to a wide range of snowmobile trails. If you and your family are traveling north from Toronto to come snowmobiling on a weekend, Whitestone Lake Resort features ample parking for your vehicle, trailer and snowmobiles, modern hotel amenities, a great kitchen with a large menu of food items, wonderful staff and the snowmobile trail goes right to the resort off the lake! 



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Bass Lake Roadhouse 

Bass Lake Roadhouse is set right beside Lake Joseph and is a really neat place to go. The food and atmosphere are all 5 stars. When arriving at the Bass Lake Road house, especially in prime time snowmobile season, you will more often than not see a long line of snowmobiles parked on the snowbank and a massive pine tree making it almost look like the building is built around the tree. The Bass Lake Roadhouse is a great ride for families because of its location and food. The menu offers options for adults and children of all ages, and the location is pretty central to the Muskoka area – it would be a close, yet decent ride for any families wanting to travel/ride in the Muskoka area. 



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Jake's Place Restaurant

I always enjoy riding to Port Loring from Parry Sound; it’s a longer ride with a great combination of trail and lake riding. Too much lake riding gets boring and cold, and too much trail riding gets dull as well, so this ride is perfect; offering a great combination of both to keep the rider and any passengers entertained. There are lots of places to stop along the trail or even on the lake for a break or a quick snack which is always nice as well. When you get to Port Loring, ride up the street and turn right, you will see all the snowmobiles! On weekends Jake’s Place is always packed full of sledders, but with their experienced staff and great service, you never really have to wait a long time for your meal! 



Pikes Peak

Pikes Peak is a famous name around the Parry Sound area. Mention it to a local snowmobiler and chances are they've been there or they know people who go there all the time. Pikes Peak is the highest point in the area with easy snowmobile access from the lakes. It's a great place to have a small cook out, relax and enjoy the views. If you wish to ride to Pikes Peak click here for the Dun-Ahmic Snow Riders Club map. It has the location of Pikes Peak on it. There is a similar location in the area called Mount Baldy, it’s just down the trail from Pikes Peak. I should also mention that Pikes Peak is a great place to take pictures so don’t forget your camera! 

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Ice Caves

The Ice caves are one of my favourite locations to visit while snowmobiling and they can be a great educational visit for children. There are many ice cave locations throughout the Parry Sound District (see my previous article on the ice caves), they are lots of fun to visit and are stunning to look at as well. The ice caves are a great ride for families because it gives parents an opportunity to teach their children about how the ice caves are formed and why they form. The ice caves where I usually visit are located along the trail going towards Harris Lake, they are very visible and you can’t miss them! 

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In summary, the Parry Sound District offers lots of family friendly, educational and awesome snowmobile rides for families visiting the area and overall is a great launch point for snowmobilers visiting the area! There are many other great places and locations to be visited in the Parry Sound District—this is just a teaser! Get out and ride! 

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