Go Snowmobile Training in Ontario

Going snowmobiling in Ontario is great fun and easy to do, but as with any other motorized vehicle, it’s prudent to insist on a thorough orientation from an experienced snowmobiler before embarking on your first ride on Ontario snowmobile trails. Such an orientation should be part of the program offered by professional snowmobiling resorts, rental companies and guided tour companies, so be sure to get yours to take advantage of great snowmobile conditions.

Another good way to prepare is to take a Driver Training course offered by the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs (OFSC), in partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. The trained OFSC instructors who provide these one-day courses can also answer many of your snowmobiling questions. OFSC Driver Training graduates receive a Snowmobile Operator’s Permit, which allows persons aged 12 to 16, or those older than 16 who have not obtained a valid driver’s licence, to operate a snowmobile legally in Ontario. Taking an OFSC Driver Training course together is a great way for the entire family to share the beginning of your snowmobiling experience.

OFSC Driver Training also offers a new training CD “The Right Way” for adults, to help snowmobilers improve their riding skills.

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