Long Track Snowmobiling in Wawa's Deep Pow

In a land not so far away, there is a secret place where long track snowmobiles like to play, full of pow that’ll make you wow... 

Haha ok I tried to make a snowmobile and fairy tale reference, but seriously long track snowmobiles (aka mountain snowmobiles) aren’t something you see often riding around the trails in Ontario. I like to call them unicorns (hence the fairytale rhyme reference) because I can go a whole season without seeing a long track snowmobile. 

in the snow 2

For those of you who haven’t seen a mountain snowmobile before, let me describe them to you briefly. VERY long track (usually longer than 155”) with a long tunnel extending over the track. Wide skis for floating through powder and most likely handle bars with a bar riser. Technically any snowmobile can be rode in the mountains, but these machines are defined as mountain sleds due to the long tracks ability to handle deep powder. 

sled side view

track close up
sled underside

These rare-to-Ontario mountain dwelling machines make their appearances from time to time on OFSC trails however there is a secret place in Ontario where long tracks flourish and fit right in. Although I cannot specifically say where this place is, due to the fact that it’s a “secret” location, I can tell you that it’s near Wawa, Ontario and if you’re looking for a wicked backcountry riding trip with lots of pow, hill climbs and adrenaline, then this trip is for you. 

boondocking in wawa

These snowmobiles are ideal for a trip to Wawa area because if you look at the terrain there it’s really unlike anywhere else in Ontario. The landscape in this part of Ontario's Algoma Country is defined by deep valleys, large mountains (for Ontario) and a rocky contouring landscape that makes it ideal for long track snowmobiles. This is a smaller version of Western Canada’s terrain. 

Wawa Snow Down 2016 

February 13 & 14th, 2016 were the dates for this years Wawa Snow Down, which was classified as the ultimate snowmobile experience with two separate guided tours to go on. One of the guided tours featured this season was a class specifically for the advanced rider looking for the ultimate deep powder experience so its perfect for those who own long track snowmobiles. Click here to see photos from the event.


If you didn’t make it to the Wawa Snow Down you can still find some epic powder-riding in the area at other times of the season.

Snowmobile Friendly Accommodations in Wawa

(AJ’s pizza in same building & restaurant in hotel)
(restaurant within hotel)

Snowmobile Guides & Rentals in Wawa

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Jones Power Sports: Renting the 2016 Polaris Axys Chassis Pro RMK 800 155” this season!

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