From Two Skis to Two Wheels

Whether it's by bike, snowmobile, ATV or PWC, you can do it in Ontario. These locations are ready to entertain whatever the season!

If you are a sledder, then you might be a biker too! No that's not one of those Redneck jokes, it's actually true. Sledders are statistically more likely to have at least one other riding sport they enjoy whether it's on a PWC, ATV, Dirtbike , Streetbike or a combination of those.  

Now that winter has finally transitioned into summer here in Ontario, we can enjoy the benefits of both worlds.  Often times we end up in our favourite winter places, enjoying patios and soaking up the warm sunny weather on 2 wheels instead of 2 ski's, thus making them our favourite summer places too. 

coboconk sign

Coboconk is located at the intersection of Hwy 35 & 48 and it's a gateway to riding both the Haliburton Highlands and Kawartha Highlands.   The Carden Sno Drifters new trail 100 brings you into the North end of Town, and Kawartha Lakes Snowmobile Club's Trail 330, leaves from the south end of town taking you over to the Victoria/Haliburton County Rail aka B103.    

pattie house

It doesn't matter what time of year it is, the Pattie House Smokehouse welcomes sledders, bikers, ATVers and Boaters with their creative smoky fare. Often times they will have great entertainment on the weekends in the summer too.


On the Rail Trail, half way between Fenelon Falls and Haliburton, you will find the little Town of Kinmount.  Located where Monck Road turns into County Road 503 at the intersection of County Road 121. Kinmount's claims to fame are the Kinmount Model Railway & Museum, the Austin Saw Mill and the Highlands Cinema, which is a museum and a 5-theatre cinema, showing first run movies in the most surprising setting. Full of history and charm, the Austin Saw Mill and Railway Museum offer great insight into the way things were, not that long ago. Also, it's a welcoming staging area for sled and ATV trailers.  


Haliburton is inarguably the "hub" of the Highlands.   Some of best known biking roads and snowmobile trails in the Province converge here.  The road trifecta of CR 118, Gelert 1 and CR Rd 21 all meet where the Haliburton County Snowmobile Association's B103 takes you under the wing of the historic CF-100


Another of our favourite stops to refuel the belly, is McKeck's—their homemade french onion soup and creative burger options, will top up the hungriest traveller. Biker Tip: Don't leave town without taking the opportunity to ride up Skyline Road to the Lookout. It's breathtaking views encompass most of the Highlands. 

Skyline Road Lookout resized


The Firehouse Restaurant is located beside the Hwy 35 Bridge, at Oxbow Narrows on the banks of Lake Kushog.   Owners Anita and Jay love sledders and bikers and even offer sled/ATV/motorsport packages that include cottage rentals and great home-cooked meals. Located on the HCSA B trail, your sledding options are unlimited with multiple trail and lake crossing opportunities. Just be sure to "know before you go". Tip for sledders: Local knowledge is key if you decide to venture off the staked lake trails. Tip for bikers: a hidden gem is Kushog lake Road #11 - between Hwy 35/CR118

South Algonquin Cookhouse

Harcourt, Ontario is the home of the South Algonquin Cookhouse which is located right beside the gas station.   The Cookhouse is known for it's large selection of burgers and wraps and sandwiches. Top Trail E in the Paudash Trail Blazers trail system runs right through the parking lot. By bike, it's on Loop Road, otherwise known as Cty Road 648. Tip for bikers: Be sure to make your way to the 648 via Essonville Line, aka Cty Rd. 4, which has enough twists, turns and elevation changes to satisfy riders of all skill levels. Tip for sledders:  Head to Paudash Trail Blazer's 601 Miskwabi for a hidden gem.


Flynn's Corners is conveniently located 1/2 way between Bobcaygeon, home of the annual Bikefest Rally, and Buckhorn on Hwy 36. This fuel stop offers trailer staging for your toys, right at the mouth of Ontario's offering of the Tail of the Dragon, which is County Road 507 north to Gooderham.

Tip for Bikers:  A quick jog west of Gooderham on the 503 will lead you to CR3, Glamorgan Road, a road that has enough elevation changes and twists to even your tread-wear!! If you are sledding, the Buckhorn S.C.'s trail 502 runs right off the side of the parking lot. Tip for sledders: The 502 is a gateway to the "Kawartha Highlands" Tour Loop.

Here in Ontario, there are so many options for the motorsport enthusiast. So gear up, head out and enjoy this beautiful Province. It certainly is "yours to discover" any season of the year.

About Rick Sauer & Marni Smith

Rick "Nutter" Sauer is a certified motorsports junkie who volunteers his time with his local snowmobile club and provincially with the OFSC. During the other 3 seasons his passion is cruising around on his current iron, a 955 Triumph SuperSport.

Marni "DooDette" Smith is a longtime snowmobiler and volunteer. She is a member of the Board of Governors of the OFSC. In the off season and when she’s not selling real estate, you can find her riding the highways and biways of Central and Northern Ontario on her Katana.

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