Northern Ontario: Sudbury Snowmobile Loops

Snowmobiling in Ontario on Northern Ontario Snowmobile Trails in Sudbury Area

Start off this three day Ontario snowmobiling tour in OFSC District 12 at the Sportsman Lodge on Kukagami Lake for all your full amenities, then brace yourself for a gorgeous trip as you make your way around some of the best trails Ontario has to offer.

Day 1

Ride out and  stop on Wolf Mtn. - Proceed to Rocky's for lunch and fuel up.

After lunch

Tour around Lake Wanapitei to Coniston and back to Trails Leave Sportsman heading north-east on C206D – past trail 78 totrail 76. Turn left on 76 to Wolf Mtn After seeing the view retreat to trail C206D and once again turn north east–continue on C206D  to trail 7. Take trail 78 to 71 and on to Rocky's. Leave Rocky's and turn left on 71 to trail 62. Proceed on trail 62 to C Trail and turn left on C. Proceed to the junction of C and D trails. Turn left on D trail  to C206D turning left on C206D and back to Kukagammi (If you wish a slight detour at the last turn will take you to Pine Falls for an afternoon snack and rest)

Approx. 160 km total

Day 2

Ride to Cartier/Windy Lake

Take C206D to trail 77. Turn left on 77 and proceed to trail 71 Turn left once again on trail 71 to Rocky's (top off with fuel). From here continue straight ahead and  take trail  64 to C. Turn right on C and proceed to trail C111D. Turn left and stay on C111D to Cartier. Top off with fuel and maybe lunch for the ride straight ahead on C111D  to Windy Lake Motel for lunch if you like or a snack

After Lunch

Continue on C111D to Fairbanks Lake (possible break at Fairbanks for rest at the Lodge) Turn left on D trail to Chelmsford, Azilda (fuel in Azilda if required) and then on to Garson. From here turn left on C115D to Trail C105 and continue on C105 back to Sportsman

Approx. 280 km

District 12 Riding

Day 3

Ride to French River Bridges

C105 to 83. Turn left on trail 83 to D trail. Turn right on D trail to the junction of C/D Trail. Continue straight ahead on C/D to Top C. Turn right on Top C and continue to French and Pickerel River Bridges. Don't forget a stop in Estaire for food and fuel.

After lunch

(Can return same route or take French River Snow Devils trails across to Pine Falls and back to Sportsman. If the decision is to do the FRSD’s route from the bridges take C Trail west to C106 and then C106 north to D104 going north  to D trail and then D trail west to C206D north to Kuagami.. There are fuel stops in Alban, ST Charles and/or Hagar)

Approx 130 km to French River via STP trails

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