Ross Robinson of Burandt's Backcountry Adventure Visits Wawa

Does the backcountry experience in Wawa live up to Ross' expectations? Watch the video here!

Ross Robinson of Burandt's Backcountry Adventure in Colorado recently visited Wawa in Algoma Country, Ontario to ride some powder and size up Ontario riding with the help of Jones Powersports and Polaris Snowmobiles.

The perception of Ontario throughout the US is that Ontario riding is great, if you like flatland trails—most would agree that Ontario has the most comprehensive series of trails in the world.

Ross was riding with Russ Jones in Wawa, known for its backcountry riding. The locals have been doing this kind of riding forever. 

What Ross discovered is a pretty amazing place in Ontario—as he puts it:

"If you told me you couldn't sidehill in Wawa, I wouldn't believe you—there are places here where you can do mountain style riding that we've all come to love. There's definitely places here to do it. It's a great crossover spot. With the right guys showing you where to go, you can find lots of places to go. Any place with this kind of passion for snowmobiling is a place I love to be."

If you're looking to duplicate Ross' experience, head to Wawa Motor Inn, and check in with Jones Powersports—they'll make sure you are headed in the right direction, with everything you need to take advantage of this killer experience. Ontario isn't all flatland!

Ross stayed at the Wawa Motor Inn, in Wawa. The tourism region is known as Algoma Country, and their sledding website is

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