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As good as it is to be able to ride right out of your garage, by trailering you’re able to fully explore all of what Ontario has to offer with over 30,000 km of OFSC trails.

Snowmobilers everywhere are all too familiar with trailering to their destinations to ride—it’s just part of the sport. We have all come to love the anticipation of the adventure in the drive to the destination. Trailering is just a good idea for snowmobilers!

Some of us are fortunate to have trails and riding zones in our backyards. For me, growing up in Wellesley, we backed onto OFSC trails in the farmer’s field behind our house. I would snowmobile right to high school with my brother in the winter, and to many points in Southwestern Ontario. Now at our cottage, we are right on the SMART Snowmobile Club trails in Severn, and can ride directly from there on day trips to Parry Sound and beyond.

As good as it is to be able to ride right out of your garage, by trailering you’re able to fully explore all of what Ontario has to offer with over 30,000 km of OFSC trails. Each year, or multiple times a year, you can choose a new destination you would like to ride—all snow-dependent, of course. This year, there are 35 OFSC Promoted Snow Tours. These are all self-guided tours in different Ontario regions showcasing the best snowmobile experiences.  

There are different tour categories to choose from: casual family tours, one-day tours, combined day rides from one unloading location, and multi-day saddle bag trips. The tours showcase regions like Algoma Country, the Kawarthas, Muskoka, Eastern, Northeastern, Northwestern, and Southwestern Ontario. Check out any of these 35 Snow Tours for a good starting point when organizing your next big trip. They take the guesswork out of snowmobiling and tour planning—all you have to worry about is trailering there.  

Trailers have always been the go-to way to transport snowmobiles to and from destinations. After going to British Columbia to mountain snowmobile a few times, I noticed that sled decks are way more common than trailers to haul sleds out west. They make it a lot easier for trucks to carry snowmobiles up snowy and windy BC logging roads to the different unloading zones than it would be to pull a trailer. In the winter of 2016 I bought a new Denali sled deck in Ontario for the ease of loading and unloading a snowmobile alone, saving my truck bed for storage and gear bags, and for the sheer purpose of not having to pull a trailer and worry about trailer maintenance.

Even four years ago, they weren’t a common sight in Ontario, but sled decks are starting to gain more and more traction here for the reasons stated above, as well as increased sales of backcountry sleds that have longer tracks than trail sleds, thus taking up more room in a trailer. If you’re on the fence about buying a sled deck, I would highly recommend one for snowmobiles and ATVs to make your trailer pulling experience easier—after all, you can drive through a Tim Horton’s drive-through with it!

However you haul your snowmobiles, it’s all part of the snowmobile journey to get to your destination to ride and explore different regions of Ontario. Why not travel somewhere you haven’t snowmobiled yet?

About Katie Harris (Erb)

Having travelled 34 countries around the world, Katie is most at home riding snowmobiles in Northern Ontario. She's also passionate about trucking, travel, geography, and other motorsports.  

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