Southern Ontario: Holland Landing to Shelburne

For a small town feel with plenty of snow and Ontario snowmobile trails, OFSC District 4 is where you need to be. With plenty of places to stay and great food most;y known about by locals, you will feel right at home when you venture into small towns of Primrose, Shelburne and Thornton.

Where to Start

Start at the Holland Landing club house, at 61 Cedar Street in Holland Landing. There is ample parking for cars and trailers at the club house.

Take the trail heading up to intersection 707 and then turn right and follow this trail to B103. Turn left on B103 and stay on this trail to intersection 502. This does cross Lake Simcoe, please ensure that the local club has staked the lake before you head out there. When you come off the lake at Bon Secours Beach there is about 1 km of road running through Alcona.

At intersection 502 turn left and then in Thornton turn right at 501 and stay on this trail to just past Everett and turn left at 412 and then follow this trail to B109. Turn left at 404 and take B109 down to the Primrose Trail at intersection 309. Follow the Primrose Trail to Primrose where there is fuel food and accommodation at the Highland Motel.

 This is a leisurely ride of five to six hours and traverses varied landscape from farm fields, lake crossing and a beautiful reforestration area. There is fuel available in Barclay where B103 comes to Innisfil Beach Road at Yonge Street and also in Thornton.

Next Days Ride


On the following day go west on the Primrose Trail to the Granny Trail at intersection 308, turn right onto the Granny trail and follow this to the Lavender Trail at intersection 306 and take the Lavender Trail to B109 at intersection 407. At this point if you wish to have lunch and fuel up head north on B109 (turn left) and head to Creemore in District 8, MOST. After this return to intersection 407 and follow B109 to intersection 405 just south of Gencairn, turn left here and stay on this trail all the way back to Thornton.

At intersection 501 turn left and head to B103 where you will turn right on this trail. At intersection 503 turn right and take this trail south to Fennell, there is gas available here. Continue on to Gilford where you head back on to Lake Simcoe, again, the trail here is staked by the local club once the ice conditions are safe.

Take the lake trail south to the bottom of Cook’s Bay and pick up the land trail at this point; this trail can be a bit short of snow as it gets wind blown. Follow this trail to intersection 707 and turn left onto the Holland Landing trail; you are now only about 13 km from your starting point. This trail takes you right back to the Holland Landing club house; this is at the green “P” on your guide.

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