Sportsman’s Lodge Wilderness Resort, Sudbury

George Robbins is the proprietor of Sportsman's Lodge Wilderness Resort near Sudbury, Ontario, on Kukagami Lake in Rainbow Country and OFSC District 12. George is one of those hosts who go out of his way to make your stay more than first rate. An avid snowmobiler, he talks the talk and knows everything about the best Ontario snowmobile trails to ride and places to see. Not only is George famous for his hospitality, the home cooking is to-die-for and the property itself oozes character with the rustic charm of its pine buildings and a 4-story tower that’s the tallest pine structure in Ontario. With ample parking and fuel on site, George and the Sportsman’s Lodge Wilderness Resort, located at the junction on OFSC TOP (Trans Ontario Provincial) C105 and C106D, are one of Ontario’s many snowmobiling gems. Be sure to visit Wolf Mountain and take a ride along the stake line of the mighty Wanapitei Lake.

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