Is a Trailer Part of Your Snowmobile Season?

If you're not getting enough use out of your snowmobile, a trailer can make all the difference. Here's what you need to look out for when shopping for your new best friend.

We all remember throwing a leg over a snowmobile for the first time. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to snowmobiling at a very young age. Being too young to drive a car, I was limited to trails surrounding the area in which I grew up. My passion for snowmobiling developed with age, and I always listened intently to my father's stories about their snowmobiling adventures.

Ontario has over 30,000 km of maintained trails, which have been described as among the best snowmobiling networks in the world. So how would I ever be able to experience all that these trails have to offer? I'm glad you asked...

Snowmobiling is an expensive sport, and Mother Nature dictates the length of the season, so why limit yourself? Having access to a trailer not only extends the snowmobiling season, but also allows you to explore areas not always accessible from home.

When the early snowmobile season arrives, we load up the sleds and head north, as that’s usually where the first trails in Ontario open. This is also works as a late season destination—we've been known to ride into late April if the conditions allow. But without a trailer, these types of trips would be impossible. Taking our sleds to where the snow is maximizes our riding potential and allows us to put on additional miles throughout the season.

Where to Buy a Trailer

So, where do you start when looking for a trailer that fits your needs? A great place to check out would be one of the snowmobile shows that offer multiple vendors all in one location. Not only may you find a great deal on a trailer, but you can also ask the vendors any questions that you may have about your new purchase.

Picking the Right Trailer for Your Needs

There are so many options out there, it can be hard to narrow it down. Ranging from single open units to something as extensive as a toy hauler , there is something out there for everyone.  

Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for something to haul your toys around in. Do you have the proper vehicle that can handle the size of trailer you’re looking to buy? Don’t be afraid to take a look at some of the options available and ask yourself a few questions. Is a spare tire included? Are ski guides and mats part of the package etc? Am I able to use my new trailer for other purposes during the offseason?

All these things are essential to make sure that you can get into something that can be used all year round, not just during the winter months.

Where a Trailer will Get You

With a trailer, you'll be able to make your winter a lot more exciting. Here's a list of some of the OFSC's incredible snow tours that are open now and ready to ride:

From the Greater Toronto Area

Hastings Highlands Tour - 145 km / 90 miles

Bon Echo Loop - 159 km / 99 miles

RAP Tour (Ride Around Algonquin Park) - 225 km / 140 miles

Gold Rush Tour - 442 km / 275 miles

Northern Corridor Adventure Tour - 664 km / 413 miles

Gateway to the North Tour - 664 km / 413 miles

Abitibi Canyon Tour - 719 km / 447 miles

Boondocking in Wawa - 894 km / 556 miles

Loving winter on the Ride Algonquin Park Tour

When travelling to our snowmobile destination, it’s nice to see an abundance of sled trailers in the hotel parking lots—like-minded individuals who enjoy the sport as much as we do. A lot of small Ontario towns thrive on the snowmobile season and welcome us with open arms. There's nothing more satisfying than exploring all that Ontario has to offer than by the seat of a sled. Get out and support the clubs that work so hard to make your snowmobiling experience a trip to remember.

As the saying goes, "a snowmobile looks great in the garage, but that is not what it was built for." Load up those trailers and ride somewhere new—you'll be glad you did!

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Ryan Hawkins (Canuck Powersports) eats, sleeps, and breathes snowmobiles and motorcycles. As a freelance writer and aspiring photographer, he can be found carving up twisty roads and trails year round.

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