Spectacular Brook Trout and Northern Pike Fishing

Pullen's Nagagami Lodge

In the serene wilderness of Algoma Country, there is a fantastic fishery that possesses great numbers of northern pike and walleye. That lake system is known as Nagagami Lake and it is home to some spectacular fishing. . .even for a species that fly fishers love: brook trout! In some of the rivers running into the lake, there are good numbers of wild brook trout that range from 2 pounds up to 5 pounds. These are relatively small river systems that are accessible by canoe and wading.

Mark Melnyk, one of the hosts of The New Fly Fisher, visited Pullen's Nagagami Lodge to sample both the pike and brook trout fishing. He was not disappointed! The pike here are big and thick with lots of 33-inch to 38-inch specimens caught on both topwater and subsurface flies.

In travelling down one of the rivers, Mark used small streamers to catch the abundant brook trout that seemed to be in riffles and bend pools. The hatches here can be significant with both mayflies and caddis emerging.

markmelnyk brookierelease nagagami
(Photo credit: The New Fly Fisher)

The best months for the brook trout are June and July. For the pike, Mark recommends an 8- or 9-weight fast-action rod matched to a good quality floating line. Short leaders of 30-pound mono linked to a bite wire of 20-pound test of more is ideal. For the brook trout, Mark found that a 5- or 6-weight was ideal for all conditions. These rivers are relatively shallow and a floating line is all you need, matched to a long tapered leader. For streamers a 2x or 3x tippit is ideal, and for dry flies 4x to 5x is best.

This fly-in lodge offers 3-, 4-, and 7-day housekeeping packages. The log cabins have a fully equipped modern kitchen, hot running water and full electrical services within the true wilderness setting. Packages include an 18-foot cedar strip boat with motor, fish finders and fuel.

Whether you are a fly fisher or a conventional tackle angler, Pullen's Nagagami Lodge is the ideal wilderness getaway because it offers such fantastic angling at reasonable prices!

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