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ATVing with Bear Claw Tours

Editor's Note: Bear Claw tours is probably Northern Ontario's best-known dedicated ATV tours operation. With over 1,000 acres of private trails, the latest Honda machines, and one of the most knowledgeable guides in the industry, it's no wonder blogger Red Hunt chose Andrew Ryeland's Bear Claw Tours to get down and dirty with. Read on.

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Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate when it comes to providing bright, sunny days for your outdoor adventures. Thankfully, when it comes to ATV time, rainy days are a lot of fun!

Slipping, sliding, puddle-splashing and getting down and dirty are all part of the fun. Put on your waterproof gear and hit the ATV trail the next time it's a rainy day outside.

I had the pleasure of riding around Seguin, Ontario (near Parry Sound) with Andrew and Kevin from Bear Claw Tours, and they made sure we all had the right gear to keep us dry and smiling during our ATV adventure. For a good taste of what Parry Sound motorsports adventures are all about, check this video:

Rubber boots, socks, a trench coat, gloves, and of course a helmet, had me and the other riders dry from head to toe. The ride started off just as a downpour began – we soon realized this was a good thing and embraced the whole "messier is better" attitude! These guys also make sure you've got the best ATV ride out there. Comfy and fun, current Honda models are used, with the TRX420PG Canadian Trail Edition being their main machines.

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After whipping along some straightaways, it was off into the bush and slipping around rocks, through waist-high puddles and navigating around some tight turns through the thick forest. The trail here was perfect. A mix of some open areas to let the ATVs fly, combined with some easy – and more challenging – inclines, declines and rough, overgrown pathways winding through the trees.

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Our slick ATV riding machines handled it all easily, and were a pleasure to drive. Bear Claw had the entire time planned out perfectly for us too, complete with a lunch stop by a lake to enjoy some snacks and soak up the scenery. We didn't stop too long though, as it was mosquito season, and the best way to avoid being bitten or annoyed by the mosquitos? Keep riding!

Puddles, puddles and more puddles. I have to say that half way through the adventure I was looking forward to seeing more puddles and wondering just how deep and big a puddle we could get through – some of them were pretty huge. Not knowing what was lurking under the surface, it was "boots up" to avoid getting flooded or have any surprises catch our feet in the depths of the puddles.

With the rain coming down for most of the half-day adventure, everything was quiet and lush and green in the forest. As fun as zooming along was, I slowed down to look around a few times and the landscapes here are pretty sweet too. Bear Claw has a solid location, and next time I visit them I'll have to head out on a longer ride to experience more of it.

Except for a couple of extra slippery tight turns, where my turning speed and angles had me sliding into tiny trees, I navigated the wild wet landscapes pretty smoothly. It was great fun, one of the best "rainy day" adventures I've had in a very long time.

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If you're looking to have some fun when the sun isn't shining, look up the guys at Bear Claw Tours. For other stories about this amazing spot, check:

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