7 Videos That Prove Northern Ontario is the Best Place to go ATVing

If you know, you know!

I was challenged by a riding buddy to come up with a list of compelling videos that illustrate why ATVing in Ontario is a must this fall. The kicker was I could only use three keywords in the search bar: ATV, Ontario, and Trails.

So I set out scouring the farthest reaches of TikTok and Instagram reels using the aforementioned keywords.

Keep scrolling to see what I came up with. From the rocky outcrops of the Canadian Shield to the dense boreal forests—not to mention the scenic lakes, rivers, and waterways you can ride beside—these awesome riders have captured what it's really like to ride the North. 

Here are the best ATV videos of Ontario trail riding. 

1. Water trail riding in Kearney. 

Shot with an ultra-cool 360 camera for a truly POV experience.

*Kearny is west of Algonquin Park. 

2. Relaxed trail riding in Dryden. 

The audio and visuals are so good in this one you’ll feel like you’re out there.

3. Fun little highlight video with catchy upbeat music trail riding somewhere in Northern Ontario. 

Like the song says, it's gonna be a good day. 

@monica.winkel Great day exploring some trails with the big bro Being out in nature is such a refresh and recharge for the soul, whatever your preferred method of enjoyment is Get out there and get after it #nature #outdoors #trailride #atv #exploring #ontario #canada #getafterit #getoutside #enjoy #fyp Good Day - Nappy Roots

4. Simcoe Adventures north of Toronto offers 1 and 2-hour ATV rides. 

If this doesn’t make you want to go ride, check your pulse.

5. A unique spot I’ve yet to ride. 

“The tunnel” runs under the 400 highway and makes for a stellar shot with some water covering the trail.

@gregtheatvrider A second run at the Tunnel under the 400 in #ontario.#atv #atvlifestyle #fyp #wet #funny @atving_girl Getting Wet - Kevin Funk


6. Possibly the longest lineup of mud bog ATVs ever assembled on the Interwebs.

7. Extra points for stunning visuals on this one. 

Layered over the recognizable beats of Skrillex, the 360 camera is back, Check out this super slow-mo water crossing.


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