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A lifelong PWC rider runs down the latest models, from versatility and comfort to aesthetics.

Growing up in cottage country in Ontario, every summer since I can remember my family and family friends have had personal watercrafts. So needless to say, ever since a young age I have been on almost every brand of PWC one can buy: Yamaha, Kawasaki, Seadoo, Tiger Sharks, etc. 

long shot on seadoo
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For the past few years, my family has stuck with the older-style supercharged Sea-Doos due to how fun and versatile they were on the water; however, this summer season my family took the plunge and bought a 2014 Sea Doo RXP 260 with the X package. The 2014 Sea Doo RXP features an exceptional glossy red, black and matte black design, BRP’s T3 Hull, adjustable rear sponsons, Intelligent Throttle Control, Brake and Reverse control (ITC and IBR), custom X package seat, steering system and many more features. Having only driven a New Style Sea Doo GTI once, I took the RXPX out for a rip on Lake Manitouwabing in McKellar (just northeast of Parry Sound) to see what all the hype was about.

SeaDoo 3 quarter shot

The 2014 Seadoo RXPX is by far my favourite-looking personal watercraft. I am big for aesthetics when it comes to motorized toys; if it doesn’t look awesome or I can’t make it look awesome, I don’t want anything to do with it. Therefore, what I instantly loved about the RXP was how gorgeous, yet edgy and mean, it looked. The design work and lines on the 2014 RXPX, in my opinion, looks like art in watercraft form: the mix and placement of glossy red, back, matte black and white make the RXPX look visually balanced. The BRP design team did a great job making this personal watercraft look like the coolest one on the market. I definitely felt pretty awesome driving this thing down the lake.

Comfort is a huge thing for me as well. I find that if I ride a machine that's extremely uncomfortable, I don’t have as much fun because my body becomes sore. When riding the RXP I rode it like I would have rode one of the older-style supercharged Sea-Doos (which is usually a mix between casual riding, donuts and tricks). The X seat on the RXP is extremely comfortable and exceptionally designed. The way one sits on the RXP, your thighs and knees tuck into the sides, which allows the rider to pretty much lock themselves onto the seat when turning sharply. 

SeaDoo Handlebars

The supercharged and intercooled 1503 HO Rotax 4-TEC engine provides reliable high performance in any water type and condition, increased torque at low RPM, and optimized power at any RMP level and throttle position. The power of this Sea-Doo is incredible; at no point during my ride on this machine did I feel like I was at a loss for power. This Sea-Doo definitely does not disappoint, regardless what type of rider you are, new or experienced. For new riders, the RXP has a programmable learning key, which allows one to limit the performance based on rider skill level. 

Over all, the 2014 RXPX is a wonderful personal watercraft on so many aspects, I thoroughly enjoyed my ride on it and I already can’t wait to ride it again. However, I found that when it comes to doing donuts and tricks in the water, it was harder to get the 2014 RXP to turn sharply in comparison to a 2005 supercharged RXP or even a 90s-style Sea-Doo, which can turn on a dime. I realize that is a comparison between apples and oranges, as they are all completely different machines, but experienced riders who enjoy doing tricks on their Sea-Doo may be disappointed with the sharp turning of the 2014 RXP. 

seadoo close up left side

The 2014 Sea-Doo is great for both fresh and salt water, and will deliver the same amount of power, handling, etc, regardless if you are on Georgian Bay or on the Atlantic Ocean. I personally believe that the 2014 Sea Doo RXPX is great for the inner lakes of Ontario in the Kawartha and Muskoka because of its versatility. A beginner rider can get on this machine and learn to ride on either a small (McCann Lake for example) or large lake (Lake Joseph for example), and an experienced rider can have fun doing tricks and fully experience the power. The 2014 Sea-Doo RXPX is a great Sea-Doo both for beginners, because a beginner can learn to ride on this machine and not be limited by power as they become more experienced, and for experienced riders as well, as it delivers enough power to suit any water sport junkie's need for speed. 

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I am a lifelong gearhead who grew up in northern Ontario, with a passion for virtually anything with a motor. I am the Public Relations and Communications director for the International Women’s Diesel Association and have my Honours Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

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