A Dozen Shots of Some Favourite Spots

A look back at my 2015 season riding #OntarioSnowTrails

This time last year I received an offer to spend some time on the trails photographing Ontario's favourite winter motorized pastime. As a power sport photographer the offer was nothing unusual, after all if a recreational activity requires the rumble of an engine chances are I have a photo of it. Land and water, covered; snow, not so much. In fact I had never even sat on a snowmobile. There was only one answer possible: I’m in! 

Six weeks and over 4000 km later, not only did I get to check snowmobiling off my bucket list but I can say, I get it. I get why so many people love snowmobiling.

So here we are trapped in the shoulder season, fall is fading, winter is taking its sweet time and all we can do is wait. Luckily I have a few thousand images to keep me company. No point hogging the memories. I hope the following selection of photos helps to get us all through these tough times. These photos are not about my best shot, latest gear or location, they’re all about the smiles they produce and the memories they represent. Oh yah, the title promises a dozen shots, sorry couldn't do it, you'll have to settle for twenty.


This was my first day on a snowmobile ever. On the Sequin Trail with Jessica Kline and Dan Arcand from Muskoka Sports & Recreation. Muskoka received a ton of snow over a few days and today the snow was fresh and the sun was shining. Talk about being spoiled right off the bat!


There is always a destination on every ride. A restaurant for lunch, a lodge for the night or just a cool local spot. This is the old Mica Mine on the Mattawa trail system.


How big is snowmobiling in Ontario? Big enough to have bridges built just for them.This bridge over the Pickerel River is an impressive feet of engineering and stunning to boot.


Picture perfect, does it get any better than this? New sled, fresh snow and blue sky. This photo represents that whole day, puts a smile on my face every time I see it.


It’s not always about the gear, check out the luggage in the back of that sled. Whether its planes, trains or snowmobiles, carry on luggage is all you need.


In the company of friends and the only order of business for the day is to enjoy the ride.


The powder fields of OFSC District Nine. It snowed for 24 hours and everything was covered with a foot of fresh powder. We were having so much fun that we forgot these machines needed gas. Thank you local guy in the pickup truck for saving the day.


Word of advice, before you go for the big air make sure all your stuff is zipped up. What this photo doesn’t show is the yard sale of belongings that littered the trail on the landing from the open bag.


Day three on the RAN Tour (Ride Around Nipissing Tour). What an amazing day.


Grooming perfection on the Bon Echo Loop, Bancroft.


I know the feeling, it seemed like a good idea at the time to try a U turn in the soft stuff, LoL.


Just one day before this shot we were riding in a steady down pour of freezing rain. Ahhh, spring time in Algoma.


River side cruising, that’s the Madawaska River peeking through the ice.


Towards the end of day one on the R.A.P (Ride Around Algonquin Park) tour. From Powassan to Pembroke about 300 km at -30C. I can’t believe that there are people that do the entire 850 km R.A.P tour in one day.


Spring time in Algoma on the North Shore Loop.


Lookouts in Ontario are a dime a dozen and I mean that in the most complimentary way. This view of the Ontario Highlands is tricky to find, fun to get to and even on a overcast day spectacular.


Leading the pack is the 17 year old winner of the ultimate sledding adventure trip that he entered at the snowmobiling show. The man in black is his father. An amazing father and son weekend that they will never forget. Click here to learn about and enter into this year's contest.


This ride from Dwight to Powassan qualifies as perhaps the best day of the 2015 season. Fresh snow overnight, blue skies all day and the trail a twisty wonderland, I’m still smiling.


Yes the winter of 2015 was awesome.


If I had to choose one photo that represents the best of Northern Ontario snowmobiling it is this one. More sleds than cars, a scene that repeated itself over and over again, at lodges, restaurants and gas stations. This group pulled into the Moonlight Inn and Suites in the dark after a 400 km day on the trails. Just another day riding #OntarioSnowmobileTrails.

Come on Mr. Winter get your act together, we're waiting!

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