Eastern Ontario Snowmobiling

Close to Ottawa, Toronto, New York and Vermont

Expereince some of the best Ontario snowmobiling in Eastern Ontario. Here, OFSC District 1 has all the amenities, scenery, snowmobile conditions and adventure any sledder could ask for. 3,900 km of Ontario snowmobilie trails near Quebec, from Ottawa to Kingston, and three border crossings along the edge, provide endless possibilities to riders.

What you will see...

Picture yourself snowmobiling through seemingly endless trails of white gold. The trail unfolds before you to images of pristine, ever changing countryside. Your snowmobile suit acts as a barrier to the elements, and occasionally a snowflake finds your nose, a reminder that it is in fact cold outside. With 3,900 km of TOP and local club trails, you will find yourself with several opportunities to travel near or far in Eastern Ontario's District 1.

Perfect Trail Conditions

Local clubs and associations work hard to provide these beautiful trails for your enjoyment. They groom them to the best of their ability to make for excellent, safe riding. Throughout the season, you can also find the local clubs putting on events for you to partake in. Whether it is wing nights, to clubhouse family days or antique sled rallies, all events can be found within the local clubs at any given time. For more information, go to their local websites, listed at the bottom.

Great Hospitality

Stay at a country-style cottages, like the McIntosh Inn located right on the E105 trail in Morrisburg, or stay at the elegant Stone House B&B off the TOP A near Vanleek Hill. Eastern Ontario has delicious cuisine and you will find numerous trail side restaurants, grills or pubs which are always happy to see snowmobilers. For an excellent burger platter to give you a taste of the local flavours, check out Bothy Brew Grill, off of trail SV 32 in Maxville. If its riverside scenery your after, pack a lunch and stop trail side on a warm sunny day to take in what nature has to offer.

Connections to Quebec and the U.S.

At all times, this maze of trail system conveniently links a vast number of different sized communities and service stops. Families will appreciate how they can plan a beautiful outing through rolling hills and snow-covered forests, while other can't wait for the challenge of a week long expedition. Conveniently located on the Quebec border, you can easily try a different trail system to ride. But if you wish to go where the breakfast plates are triple the size, there are three accessible U.S bridges for your use. Right in the heart of where cultures merge, these local trails offer you the best in the region.

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