Northeastern Ontario Snowmobiling: New Liskeard to Kirkland Lake

A great Ontario snowmobiling day ride that is sure to satisfy every snowmobiler. Make your way up to OFSC District 14 in New Liskeard, the ride is sure to take you through gorgeous trails, great food and friendly people as you ride a couple hundred kms ending back where you started. 

To start off make your way to New Liskeard to the Holiday Inn Express where you can park and ride.  Jump on the A trail and follow the A trail towards Elk Lake for 80 km.  Don’t forget to fill up in Elk Lake.  From there head north on the A trail to Kenogami 60 km.  At that intersection of the A Trail and the A110Q head East towards Kirkland Lake on the A110Q, 20km.

Stop in Kirkland Lake for a hot lunch and continue to head East on the A110Q 25 km. At the intersection of the A110Q and the A109 head south on the A109 for roughly 8 km until you reach the intersection of the A109 and the A108.  Head South on the A108 for 44 km until you reach the local trail L189.  Follow that trail for 18km until it takes you back to the A trail.  Head south on the A trail to your start point.

You will experience a fun filled snowmobiling day that we hope you will enjoy.

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OFSC District 14

Ontario’s Wilderness Region

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