Snowmobiling the Northern Corridor

An Epic Sledding Adventure

If you're looking to ride without hauling all of your gear, try one of the Northern Corridor communities in OFSC District 15. Access to well maintained, signed and groomed trails with low traffic is not as far as you think.

Hornepayne, Hearst, Kapuskasing, and Cochrane are all great towns to park your vehicle and unload your sled. An excellent choice of accommodations is available in all of these locations. Most amenities including hotels, gas, restaurants and snowmobile dealers are located just off the TOP trail system so riders needn’t worry. You can access numerous local trails which are as well maintained as TOP trails. The local trails are an untapped resource for sledders looking for a new adventure. Most communities offer 2-4 days of riding from the same starting point. Peruse the district map for opportunities you want to take advantage of and gear up for an amazing snowmobile trip in Ontario!

Early season & spring riding

Whether you're anxious to get your first or last ride in, the Northern Corridor is usually one of your best options. The fall weather and early snowmobile conditions in the communities of Cochrane to Hornepayne are conducive to getting trails open early. Clubs usually begin prepping trails in October and November and often have trails open for the holiday season. What better way to celebrate the holidays with your family and friends than experiencing the great outdoors by snowmobile!

On the contrary, if your local snowmobile trails have had a spring meltdown or you just want to get that last ride in this season, the Northern Corridor is the logical choice. Trail riding right into the month of April is a common occurrence in the region. Experience the extended season in the Northern Corridor and make the most of your sledding experience this year.

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