Top 9 Snowmobiling Gift Picks for the Holiday Season!

Quality gift ideas that are sure to please the die-hard sledder in your life.

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Well, it’s that time of year again and everyone is asking me what my top ten picks for Christmas gifts are for this season. I usually put a video up on my PowerModz YouTube channel highlighting my picks, but I’ll try my hand at writing them out. As an avid sledder myself, I can't wait to hit the trails around Ottawa and other parts of Ontario. 

Every year I like to pick out some really helpful gift ideas so you snowmobilers can pass my list on to your significant other, mother, brother, grandma etc., and just let them roll with it. How easy is that! Naturally, these picks are based on my own personal opinions and suggestions, but keep in mind that I have used, tested and reviewed all of these products and feel confident in the quality of each item.

Ok, let’s get this list started!

1. The Shaker Siphon

This very inexpensive little gem makes transferring fuel from a can or another snowmobile effortless, with just a few quick jiggles the little check valve draws the fuel through the hose and into your snowmobile. I’ll also add that this is usually quicker than a can with spout, less messy and the hose can be easily stored.

2. Liquivac

The Liquivac is the best invention for men since the two stroke motor. The Liquivac is a portable container that has a hand pump on it. The pump creates a vacuum very quickly and draws fluid out of just about anything you can get a tube into. It comes with a small hose for getting down the dipstick of your tranny if you overflow it, down inside a chaincase to get that old oil out, a thicker tube for sucking out coolant from your sleds cooling system with ease. If you can think of a fluid in something this Liquivac can suck it out and will turn a messy job into a fun job.

3. Sled Brite Metal polish

We all know trailering our sleds can be problematic sometimes—the road salt creates havoc on aluminum and turns that shiny surface to a white oxidized eye-sore in no time. Well, to make quick work of that nasty oxidization use some Sled Brite Metal Polish. I have used just about every brand of metal polish out there and I will tell you hands down, this is the best polish to get the job done. This polish works in half the time and has twice the shine of any clay bar polish… try it and you’ll see! 

4. The Snobunje

Ok I’ll admit it, I get stuck… A lot. And when I do, I use the Snobunje to get out. I’ve been using the Snobunje for years and when you see this beauty in action you’ll wish you got one long before you blew your lower back out that time on ole' snowy ridge. The Snobunje comes in two different forms, one with a handle called the Rattler, and the other with a hook on either end called the Cobra. The Rattler is a great little device that works like a charm. You simply chuck it to your riding buddy (preferably the heaviest one) and have him hook it to your A-Arm and lean backwards while pulling on your stuck sled. The resulting energy is transferred from said friend to stuck sled and out it comes. For bigger stucks, bring in the Cobra. The Cobra is used by connecting a stuck sled to an unstuck sled. The unstuck sled takes a run and gently tugs the other out with ease. No more back injuries, no more sweaty digging and swearing--get back on the trail and enjoy your day!

5. Bite Harder

The first ever carbide runner sharpening tool. I had heard of this tool but never really got to look at it before the Toronto Snowmobile ATV and Power Sports show this last October. The Bite Harder is an ingenious tool that not only saves you money but it allows you to always have sharp carbides. Sharp carbides are safer and allow you to effectively handle your snowmobile with ease.

bite harder

The Bite Harder attaches to your drill like any drill bit—you run it over your carbides more often than not to keep them in top shape. Expect 25-50 sharpenings with one tool. The carbides will last much longer than just wearing them out day after day. Saving money and driving safely, who can ask for anything better than that! Available at Bite Harder

6. MotorFist Gloves

Brought to you from the mountains of the Western USA, MotorFist gloves allows you to wear a glove that is not only waterproof, tough, and supple, but also warm. I use these gloves and they are very comfy! Unlike big, bulky gloves that leave little feeling for sled feedback, these give a “next to skin” feel and less hand fatigue after a day of riding. You don’t need to be a mountain rider to enjoy these gloves. Available at Kimpex, please inquire.

7. The Hot Pot Food Warmer

Look, we all love a snack on the trail, especially when it’s a hot snack on a cold day. And more than that, we love to pull a hot snack out from under our hood while our friends watch in amazement. The Hot Pot attaches to your exhaust—it's a container that you put food in and the heat from your exhaust cooks it. There is no exhaust or two stroke smell or taste. I ran all last season with the Hot Pot and loved it. All my friends bought them after our big trip to Gaspe, Quebec. I can fit almost a dozen cheesy sausages in mine—that feeds the whole crew!!


8. Sony Action Cam

I’m all about video and, while I'm still working on my writing skills, I do already know a little bit about video! We’ve all had those moments where we wish we had a camera or wish we “caught that on video!” In fact, it was those moments not caught on film that started me on this whole video shooting YouTube thing. Plainly put, I now have cameras on at all times and pointed in all different directions just to catch those moments that used to escape me. Which brings me to the newest little video camera on the market, the Sony Action Camera.

You can mount this camera on your helmet or snowmobile, hold it and shoot video while your friends are pretending they are 14 again on the old Elan. It even comes with a waterproof case, shoots High Definition and is wi-fi capable. You can even watch what it sees on a mini-LCD screen on the side of it.

9. Spot GEN 3

Okay, in all seriousness at the end of the day we like to look back at the great time we had out playing with our snowmobiling pals. But what if at the end of the day, you looked back and wish you had been better prepared?

Available at most outdoor suppliers, the Spot Gen 3 is an emergency tracking device that utilizes GPS technology to find you in the event something goes wrong, and things do go wrong. With the press of a button the GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Centre provides your exact co-ordinates to the closest emergency response teams. Worldwide coverage, from your backyard to the North Pole, this device can potentially save you or your friends' lives. Oh, and one other amazing function of this device is the ability to leave digital "bread crumbs" so your family or friends can check your progress during your trip!

Well that’s it for this year. Personally, I’d be happy with any one or maybe three of these items! I have to thank you for stopping by, and when you have a chance make sure you check out my YouTube channel for snowmobile repair tutorials, races, product reviews and good ole' snowmobiling videos. Best of the season.

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