Snowmobiling in Temiskaming Shores

Wide open trails kept in impeccable shape thanks to the die-hard clubs—you're in good company when you ride up here!

For snowmobilers arriving in Northeastern Ontario (OFSC District 14), Temiskaming Shores is a primary staging area. Located on Highway 11,Temiskaming Shores is comprised of New Liskeard, Haileybury, and Cobalt. As the name implies, this community of about 25,000 is located at the northwestern end of Lake Temiskaming. And Temiskaming Power Sports now rents sleds!

After a six hour tow from Southern Ontario, many visiting riders make the Quality Inn their destination. This ultra-snowmobile friendly motel has oodles of parking for trucks and trailers, which can be left there for the duration of your tour of Ontario’s Wilderness Region.

What’s more, the property is located right on TOP Trail A and fuel is available next door. Since the hotel is one story, sleds can be parked outside every room, and the front desk keeps both the latest weather and trail info handy. When you add in the on-site restaurant, indoor pool, sauna, and whirlpool, this place is perfect for snowmobilers.

If this popular stay-over spot is booked, try the also snowmobile-friendly Econo Lodge right across the street or the Waterfront Inn (follow the ice trail on the Wabi River through town to the lake; hotel is on your right). Another option is the Holiday Inn

Wherever you stay in New Liskeard, you can either use it to stage a saddlebag tour throughout the region or for day rides on local trails. For weekend getaways, available day loops include riding north to Kirkland Lake on TOP Trail A, then back on TOP A108; exploring local trails L185, L186, L180, L190 between Cobalt and Englehart; or doing the loop west to Gowganda and Matachewan via TOP A, L136 TOP C106A and L162/L161.

Whatever your choice, Temiskaming Shores always has good snow and District 14 clubs deliver consistently deliver excellent trails. Fuel, services, and amenities are available in every town, and the district trail guide and trail signage make it easy for even newcomers to navigate.

About Mike Jacobs

Mike is an avid Northern traveller, having spent years traversing its backroads, and visiting its remote lodges and fun cities by car, RV, motorcycle, and boat. There's always something new to discover in the North and Mike never shies away from the next great adventure. Mike is the chairman of the board for the Tourism Technology Company.

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