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Snowmobiling in Ontario on Northern Ontario Snowmobile Trails Near Sudbury

Looking for a great two day tour on Ontario snowmobile trails that is far enough from Toronto's city life, yet close enough for a quick getaway for the weekend? Head for the Sudbury area. OFSC The Sudbury Trail Plan Association gives you a great snowmobile conditions launching from the Chateau Guay Motel on Hwy 17 East. 

It has all the amenities you need to start your tour from food, lodging and fuel. Just call to book ahead for your reservation/trailer spot. Rest up and charge your camera batteries for a great day or riding in the the morning.

Day 1 Before lunch

Try the Wolf Mountain /Chiniguchi northern Loop. This ride contains a variety of riding from scenic bush trails, old rail lines and bush roads. There is some spectacular scenery, including Wolf Mtn which is a must stop. Food and fuel are readily available

Ride out on trail 85 from the motel and turn right (east) on C/D trail after approx. 1 mile take local trail 85 south to the Petro Canada and fill up with fuel. Leaving the Petro station head back up 85 to C/D and again turn right (east). At the junction of C and D trail take D trail east and continue to the Junction of C206D. Taking C206D north to Sportsmans Wilderness Resort Lodge for a snack or coffee and a pit stop. Leaving the Sportsman continue on C206D to the junction of local trail 76 to the famous Wolf Mountain Trail. Having completed your stop you have the choice of continuing north on the Chiniguichi Loop on C206D (approx 50 km) and to trail 71 west or returning down C206D to trail 78 north and across to trail 71 west (approx 20 km). A quick jaunt across the lake on trail 71 brings you to Rocky's for lunch and a fuel stop. (only ride lake trails that are staked for your safety)

After lunch

After lunch continuing on trail 71 west to trail 62 west and at the junction of trail 62 and 72 turn left (south) on 72. Continue to trail 81 south-east and back to Top Trail D west to Top Trail C/D. Go west on Top C/D to trail C109D and back south on C109D to the Chateau Guay.  

Approx. 175 - 220 km total (longer distance includes Chinguichi Loop)

Day 2  - Before lunch

This ride is a complete tour around the City of Sudbury on the Sudbury Ring Trail. It includes a variety of riding and stops can be made at numerous locations around the city in the various towns included in this loop. It will include the towns of Coniston, Lively, Naughton, Chelmsford, Azilda and Garson.

Leaving the Chateau Guay go north on C109D and turn right on Top C/D trail (it is suggested you detour onto trail 85 for fuel approximately 2 km west of the Chateau Guay) and then continue east on Top C/D to Coniston. Hear take Top C Trail south to C108D. Turn right (west ) onto C108D. On Long Lake you will turn right (north-west) onto trail D109 and continue to Lively Continuing north-west on D109 will take you through Naughton and Whitefish to Top D Trail. Taking D trail north-west (right turn) which will bring you to Fairbanks Lodge for lunch.

After Lunch

Continue on now eastward on Top D to Chelmsford, Azilda (fuel in Azilda if required) and on toward Garson where at the junction of Top D and C109D turn right (south) onto C109D and back to the Chateau Guay.

Approx. 180 km

Other places to stay

Sportsman’s Lodge - (705) 853-4434

Moonlight Suites - (705) 566-0321

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OFSC District 12

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