Fish, Sleds, and Axes—North Bay Done Right!

Snowmobile superstar Levi Lavallee gets a true Canadian experience in Ontario's Gateway to the North.

Where does a world-famous snowmobiler go for a good time? You're the first ever to attempt a double backflip, you've won countless gold medals at the Winter X Games, and have jumped across the San Diego bay. You can do anything, go anywhere. So why North Bay?

They call it the Gateway to the North because the lakes surrounding the city are major waterways of trade and travel connecting the more-populated south to the northern part of Canada.

Ready to hit the trails of the Trout Lake Loop

But each winter an entirely different system emerges. Anyone familiar with the OFSC Interactive Trail Guide knows that North Bay is the dividing line between Southern Ontario and the North—this is where the trails are open earlier and the season lasts another month or more than anywhere south. This is why sledders flock to Ontario each year. And with North Bay quickly becoming more of a destination city in itself, you can understand why Levi Lavallee booked a weekend in town this winter.

Feeling good to be back in Northern Ontario

The first stop was to North Bay Cycle to check out some machines. The rest of the day was spent on Lake Nipissing ice fishing with Bam's Tours. After snowmobiling right to the hotel, Levi and crew headed downtown for some classic southern BBQ at Lou Dawgs.

Having some fun in the parking lot at North Bay Cycle

Day Two started back at North Bay cycle for some fun in the parking lot before heading out on the sleds to explore the Trout Lake Loop. Lunch was easy to find at The Portage, which is right on the loop. After that, he just had to check out axe throwing at Northern Axperts before going around the corner for dinner at Casey's Bar and Grill.

Becoming an axpert at Northern Axperts

Finally, they went across town for some classic pinball and fat tire bike riding at Gateway City Brewery.

Not a bad way to spend a weekend!

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